Global Bioinformatics Market by Product & Service (Knowledge Management Tools, Data Analysis Platforms, Bioiformatics Services), Applications (Genomics, Chemoinformatics & Drug design, Proteomics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics), & Sectors (Medical Biotechnology, Academics, Animal Biotechnology, Agriculture Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Forensic Biotechnology)

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Bioinformatics can be defined as an interdisciplinary branch of science, which involves the knowledge of multiple domains like statistics, mathematics, genetics, molecular biology, computer science, biochemistry, biophysics and many others. This field of science models, processes, simulates and provides output for large-scale biological data by the means of computational techniques. The main hierarchy of this system involves collection of biological data to building a computational model for it and finally providing a solution to the query. 

The major products and services offered are knowledge management tools, bioinformatics platforms and bioinformatics tools. Whereas, application of bioinformatics are plenty like Genomics, Cheminformatics & Drug Designing, Proteomics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics and others. Finally the sectors which employ the applications of bioinformatics may include Medical Biotechnology, Academics, Animal Biotechnology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Forensic Biotechnology and others

Growing demand for personalized medicines, crafted according to the genetic makeup of an organism has played a crucial role in giving the sector of drug designing and therefore directly fueling the demand for bioinformatics globally. Further, increasing demand for nucleic acid or protein sequencers to improve efficiency and reduce the overall cost of the procedure, has presented a bright prospect for the growth of this industry. Numerous initiatives by different government bodies, agencies like National Institute of Health (NIH) and others have positively supported the growth of this industry for development in the field of sequencing, analysis, simulation of biological entities and others.

However, the growth of this segment has been hindered because of the lack of biological tools at affordable prices. Moreover, cumulative handling of large volumes of data still remains one of the most challenging hurdles in the growth of this industry. Nevertheless, utilization of IoT, Machine Learning and AI has presented a suitable environment of growth of the sector of bioinformatics.

Few key players associated witjh the bioinformatics industry are- Thermo Fisher Scientific, Eurofins Scientific, Illumina, Perkinelmer, Inc., Qiagen Bioinformatics, Agilent Technologies, Dnastar, Waters Corporation, Sophia Genetics, Partek, Biomax Informatics AG. 

The two main companies associated with the production, invention and discovery line of bioinformatics related include Thermo Fisher Scientific and Illumina. Both these companies have extensively focused on acquisitions to expand both customer outreach, technological geographic expansion. The company Thermo Fisher Scientific, signed a definitive agreement in September 2018, to acquire the advanced bioprocessing business of Becton Dickinson for advanced development of biopharmaceutical production. Whereas in November 2018, Illumina acquired Pacific Biosciences for a total of USD 1.2 billion; this acquisition is expected to positively complement Ilumina’s platform for short read sequencing.

Bioinformatics Market, by product & service

• Knowledge Management Tools

• Bioinformatics Platforms

• Bioinformatics Services

Based on applications, the bioinformatics market has been segmented as follows 

• Genomics

• Chemoinformatics & Drug design

• Proteomics

• Transcriptomics

• Metabolomics

• Other Applications

Based on Sectors, the bioinformatics market has been segmented as follows 

• Medical Biotechnology

• Academics 

• Animal Biotechnology 

• Agricultural Biotechnology

• Environmental Biotechnology 

• Forensic Biotechnology 

• Other Sectors

Based on Sectors, the bioinformatics market has been segmented as follows 

• North America

o US

o Canada

• Europe

o Germany

o UK

o France

o Rest of the Europe

• Asia Pacific

o China

o India

o Japan

o Rest of Asia Pacific

• Latin America

o Brazil

o Rest of Latin America

• Middle East Africa

o South Africa

o Rest of Middle East Africa

1. Executive Summary

2. Global Bioinformatics Market Overview

2.1. Market Segmentation & Scope

2.2. Product Introduction

2.3. Market Trends

2.3.1. Introduction

2.3.2. Drivers Growing Demand for Nucleic Acid and Protein Sequencing Due to Reduction in Sequencing Cost and Technological Advancement Initiatives From Government and Private Organizations Growing Applications of Bioinformatics Proteomics and Drug Discovery Clinical Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine Number of Collaborations Between Companies and Research Institutes

2.3.3. Restraint Lack of Well-Defined Standards and Common Data Formats for Integration of Data Lack of User-Friendly Tools at Cheaper Prices

2.3.4. Opportunities Blockchain Technology and Cloud Computing Integration of Machine Learning and AI in Healthcare IT Giants Investing in the Development of Bioinformatics Solutions

2.3.5. Substitutes Threat

2.3.6. Technology Progress in Related Industry

2.3.7. Consumer Preference Analysis

3. Global Bioinformatics Market by Products and Services

3.1. Bioinformatics Market Type Analysis

3.2. Global Bioinformatics Market Revenue (USD Million) by Products and Services, 2015-2025

3.3. Global Bioinformatics Market (Revenue) by Products and Services, 2015-2025

3.3.1. Knowledge Management Tools Market Analysis Generalized Knowledge Management Tools Market Analysis Specialized Knowledge Management Tools Market Analysis

3.3.2. Bioinformatics Platforms  Market Analysis Data Analysis Platforms Market Analysis Structural & Functional Analysis Platforms Market Analysis Other Bioinformatics Platforms Market Analysis

3.3.3. Bioinformatics Services Market Analysis Data Analysis Services Market Analysis Database Management Services Market Analysis Other Bioinformatics Services Market Analysis

3.4. List of Manufacturers, By  Bioinformatics Products and Services

4. Global Bioinformatics Market by Application

4.1. Bioinformatics Market Application Analysis

4.2. Global Bioinformatics Market Revenue (USD Million) by Application, 2015-2025

4.3. Global Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), by Application, 2015-2025

4.3.1. Genomics Market Analysis

4.3.2. Chemoinformatics & Drug Design Market Analysis

4.3.3. Proteomics Market Analysis

4.3.4. Transcriptomics Market Analysis

4.3.5. Metabolomics Market Analysis

4.3.6. Other Bioinformatics Applications Market Analysis

4.4. List of Manufacturers, By Bioinformatics Application

5. Global Bioinformatics Market by Sector

5.1. Bioinformatics Market Sector Analysis

5.2. Global Bioinformatics Market Revenue (USD Million) by Sector (2015-2025)

5.3. Global Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), By Sector, 2015-2025

5.3.1. Medical Biotechnology Segment Analysis Drug Discovery & Development Segment Analysis Clinical Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine Segment Analysis Reproductive Health Segment Analysis

5.3.2. Academics Segment Analysis

5.3.3. Animal Biotechnology Segment Analysis

5.3.4. Agricultural Biotechnology Segment Analysis

5.3.5. Environmental Biotechnology Segment Analysis

5.3.6. Forensic Biotechnology Segment Analysis

5.3.7. Others Segment Analysis

5.4. List of Manufacturers, By Sector

6. Global Bioinformatics Market by Region

6.1. Bioinformatics Market Regional Analysis

6.2. Global Bioinformatics Market Revenue (USD Million) by Region, 2015-2025

6.3. Global Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

7. North America Bioinformatics Market

7.1. North America Bioinformatics Market Analysis

7.2. North America Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

7.3. North America Bioinformatics by Country (Revenue), 2015-2025

7.3.1. U.S. Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

7.3.2. Canada Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

7.4. Potential Buyers In North America

8. Europe Bioinformatics Market

8.1. Europe Bioinformatics Market Analysis

8.2. Europe Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

8.3. Europe Bioinformatics Market by Country (Revenue), 2015-2025

8.3.1. Germany Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

8.3.2. UK Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

8.3.3. France Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

8.3.4. Rest of Europe Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

8.4. Potential Buyers in Europe

9. Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Market

9.1. Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Market Analysis

9.2. Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

9.3. Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Market, by Country (Revenue), 2015-2025

9.3.1. China Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

9.3.2. Japan Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

9.3.3. India Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

9.3.4. Rest of Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

9.4. Potential Buyers in Asia Pacific

10. Latin America Bioinformatics Market

10.1. Latin America Bioinformatics Market Analysis

10.2. Latin America Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

10.3. Latin America Bioinformatics Market by Country, (Revenue), 2015-2025

10.3.1. Brazil Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

10.3.2. Rest of Latin America Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

10.4. Potential Buyers in Latin America

11. Middle East & Africa Bioinformatics Market

11.1. Middle East & Africa Bioinformatics Market Regional analysis

11.2. Middle East & Africa Bioinformatics Market (Revenue)

11.2.1. Middle East & Africa Bioinformatics Revenue by Country,  2015-2025

11.2.2. South Africa Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

11.2.3. Rest of Middle East & Africa Bioinformatics Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

11.3. Potential Buyers in Middle East & Africa

12. Company Profile

12.1. Thermo Fisher Scientific

12.1.1. Company Overview 

12.1.2. Financial Overview

12.1.3. Product Benchmarking

12.1.4. Key Developments

12.2. Eurofins Scientific

12.2.1. Company Overview 

12.2.2. Financial Overview

12.2.3. Product Benchmarking

12.2.4. Key Developments

12.3. Illumina

12.3.1. Company Overview 

12.3.2. Financial Overview

12.3.3. Product Benchmarking

12.3.4. Key Developments

12.4. Perkinelmer, Inc.

12.4.1. Company Overview 

12.4.2. Financial Overview

12.4.3. Product Benchmarking

12.4.4. Key Developments

12.5. Qiagen Bioinformatics

12.5.1. Company Overview 

12.5.2. Financial Overview

12.5.3. Product Benchmarking

12.5.4. Key Developments

12.6. Agilent Technologies

12.6.1. Company Overview 

12.6.2. Financial Overview

12.6.3. Product Benchmarking

12.6.4. Key Developments

12.7. Dnastar

12.7.1. Company Overview 

12.7.2. Financial Overview

12.7.3. Product Benchmarking

12.7.4. Key Developments

12.8. Waters Corporation

12.8.1. Company Overview 

12.8.2. Financial Overview

12.8.3. Product Benchmarking

12.8.4. Key Developments

12.9. Sophia Genetics

12.9.1. Company Overview 

12.9.2. Financial Overview

12.9.3. Product Benchmarking

12.9.4. Key Developments

12.10. Partek

12.10.1. Company Overview 

12.10.2. Financial Overview

12.10.3. Product Benchmarking

12.10.4. Key Developments

13. Key Insights

14. Research Methodology