Global Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) Market by type (Enterprise, Site), Delivery Mode (Web-based, Cloud-based, On premise), Component (Software, Service) & End-use (Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Firms, CROs, Medical Device Firms) Global industry Trends, Shares, Competitive Analysis and Segment Forecast - 2018 to 2025

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Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) is a form of biotechnology software system which helps study teams or investigators to manage all aspects associated with clinical trials or other studies of clinical research. Such software provides a suite of tools to manage, maintain, plan perform and report various functions, coupled with various information of a participant. These systems provide a suitable mean for tracking the entire procedure of the research and keep historical data in a well-managed manner. 

CTMS can be broadly classified into two segments, depending on where such systems may be applicable, i.e. enterprise and site. The medium of availability of CTMS are in three distinct modes, i.e. web-based, cloud-based and on premises. Similarly, these systems can be either used as software or a service. Finally, the end users of CTMS are mostly Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Firms, CROs and Medical Device Firms. 

The entire procedure of bringing new treatments to patients follows the path of a well-established clinical trial procedure. Improvement, invention and discovery of new mechanism in the entire procedure of drug formulation and drug delivery, has drastically incremented the number of clinical trials which have taken place in recent times. The number of new cases of cancer in 2018 has been estimated to be around 1.7 million in the US alone. Such worrying figures have certainly played its significant part in augmenting the number of oncological clinical trials which have been carried out in the past decade. Similarly, the number of clinical trials for other diseases and conditions has also witnessed a substantial upsurge. The demand for improved management of such trail procedures has been key in giving the segment of CTMS the necessary boost, moreover, the growth of this market is expected to prosper even further during the forecast period.

The utilization of CTMS have been beneficially utilized across all platforms of healthcare trails; however high cost of these software tools and the persistent risk for theft of confidential data associated with the patients proves to be a viable risk. This may in turn result in impeding the growth prospect of CTMS market. On the contrary, the efficient management proficiency which these tools bring to ease the entire procedure of managing the data associated with a clinical research, presents a fruitful opportunity of growth for the industry in general.

Few key players associated with the CTMS industry are-  Paraxel International Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Medidata Solutions Inc., Forte Research Systems Inc., Medpace Holdings Inc., Clinical Data Inc., Bioclinica Inc., Datatrak International Inc., G.Tec Medical Engineering Gmbh, Bio-Optronics, Inc. and numerous others. 

Key players in this industry are now more focused in development of new systems, for faster and efficient management platforms, which work on the shortcomings of the previous tools. New partnerships, services, and other innovations to positively impact the timelines associated clinical trials, has been on a constant focus. Paraxel International Corporation, in the year 2018, made several notable partnerships to provide advanced data and analytic insights to ease the entire process of clinical trials. For instance, in November 2018, a partnership with Shyft Analytics, a Medidata Solution company was finalized to optimize the organization of clinical studies. Similarly, collaboration with a healthcare technology company, Datavant, Inc., was agreed in September 2018, to generate real-world evidence and to enhance the design and operation of clinical studies.

CTMS Market, by Type

• Enterprise

• Site

Based on Delivery Mode, the CTMS market has been segmented as follows:

• Web-based

• Cloud-based

• On premise

Based on Component, the CTMS market has been segmented as follows: 

• Software

• Service

Based on End-User, the CTMS market has been segmented as follows: 

• Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Firms

• CROs

• Medical Device Firms

Based on Region, the CTMS market has been segmented as follows: 

• North America

o US

o Canada

• Europe

o Germany

o UK

o France

o Rest of Europe

• Asia Pacific

o Japan 

o China

o India

o Rest of APAC

• Middle East and Africa

o South Africa

o Rest of Middle East and Africa

• Latin America

o Brazil

o Rest of Latin America

1. Executive Summary

2. Global CTMS Market Overview

2.1. Market Segmentation & Scope

2.2. Product Introduction

2.3. Market Trends

2.3.1. Introduction

2.3.2. Drivers Rise In The Number Of Clinical Trials Favorable Government Policies

2.3.3. Restraint High Cost Of CTMS Risk Of Theft Of Personal Data

2.3.4. Opportunities Increasing Investment On The R&D By The Healthcare Companies

2.3.5. Substitutes Threat

2.3.6. Technology Progress in Related Industry

2.3.7. Consumer Preference Analysis

3. Global CTMS Market by Type

3.1. CTMS Market Type Analysis

3.2. Global CTMS Market Revenue (USD Million) by Type, 2015-2025

3.3. Global CTMS Market (Revenue) by Type, 2015-2025

3.3.1. Enterprise Market Analysis

3.3.2. Site Market Analysis

3.4. List of Manufacturers, By  CTMS Type

4. Global CTMS Market by Delivery Mode

4.1. CTMS Market Delivery Mode Analysis

4.2. Global CTMS Market Revenue (USD Million) by Delivery Mode, 2015-2025

4.3. Global CTMS Market (Revenue), by Delivery Mode, 2015-2025

4.3.1. Web-based Market Analysis

4.3.2. Cloud-based Market Analysis

4.3.3. On premise Market Analysis

4.4. List of Manufacturers, By CTMS Delivery Mode

5. Global CTMS Market by Component

5.1. CTMS Market Component Analysis

5.2. Global CTMS Market Revenue (USD Million) by Component (2015-2025)

5.3. Global CTMS Market (Revenue), By Component, 2015-2025

5.3.1. Software Market Analysis

5.3.2. Service Market Analysis

5.4. List of Manufacturers, By Component

6. Global CTMS Market by End-User

6.1. CTMS Market End-User Analysis

6.2. Global CTMS Market Revenue (USD Million) by End-User (2015-2025)

6.3. Global CTMS Market (Revenue), By End-User, 2015-2025

6.3.1. Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Firms Market Analysis

6.3.2. CROs Market Analysis

6.3.3. Medical Device Firms Market Analysis

6.4. List of Manufacturers, By End-User

7. Global CTMS Market by Region

7.1. CTMS Market Regional Analysis

7.2. Global CTMS Market Revenue (USD Million) by Region, 2015-2025

7.3. Global CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

8. North America CTMS Market

8.1. North America CTMS Market Analysis

8.2. North America CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

8.3. North America CTMS by Country (Revenue), 2015-2025

8.3.1. U.S. CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

8.3.2. Canada CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

8.4. Potential Buyers In North America

9. Europe CTMS Market

9.1. Europe CTMS Market Analysis

9.2. Europe CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

9.3. Europe CTMS Market by Country (Revenue), 2015-2025

9.3.1. Germany CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

9.3.2. UK CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

9.3.3. France CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

9.3.4. Rest of Europe CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

9.4. Potential Buyers in Europe

10. Asia Pacific CTMS Market

10.1. Asia Pacific CTMS Market Analysis

10.2. Asia Pacific CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

10.3. Asia Pacific CTMS Market, by Country (Revenue), 2015-2025

10.3.1. China CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

10.3.2. Japan CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

10.3.3. India CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

10.3.4. Rest of Asia Pacific CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

10.4. Potential Buyers in Asia Pacific

11. Latin America CTMS Market

11.1. Latin America CTMS Market Analysis

11.2. Latin America CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

11.3. Latin America CTMS Market by Country, (Revenue), 2015-2025

11.3.1. Brazil CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

11.3.2. Rest of Latin America CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

11.4. Potential Buyers in Latin America

12. Middle East & Africa CTMS Market

12.1. Middle East & Africa CTMS Market Regional analysis

12.2. Middle East & Africa CTMS Market (Revenue)

12.2.1. Middle East & Africa CTMS Revenue by Country,  2015-2025

12.2.2. South Africa CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

12.2.3. Rest of Middle East & Africa CTMS Market (Revenue), 2015-2025

12.3. Potential Buyers in Middle East & Africa

13. Company Profile

13.1. Paraxel International Corporation

13.1.1. Company Overview 

13.1.2. Financial Overview

13.1.3. Product Benchmarking

13.1.4. Key Developments

13.2. Oracle Corporation

13.2.1. Company Overview 

13.2.2. Financial Overview

13.2.3. Product Benchmarking

13.2.4. Key Developments

13.3. Medidata Solutions Inc.

13.3.1. Company Overview 

13.3.2. Financial Overview

13.3.3. Product Benchmarking

13.3.4. Key Developments

13.4. Forte Research Systems Inc.

13.4.1. Company Overview 

13.4.2. Financial Overview

13.4.3. Product Benchmarking

13.4.4. Key Developments

13.5. Medpace Holdings Inc.

13.5.1. Company Overview 

13.5.2. Financial Overview

13.5.3. Product Benchmarking

13.5.4. Key Developments

13.6. Clinical Data Inc.

13.6.1. Company Overview 

13.6.2. Financial Overview

13.6.3. Product Benchmarking

13.6.4. Key Developments

13.7. Bioclinica Inc.

13.7.1. Company Overview 

13.7.2. Financial Overview

13.7.3. Product Benchmarking

13.7.4. Key Developments

13.8. Datatrak International Inc.

13.8.1. Company Overview 

13.8.2. Financial Overview

13.8.3. Product Benchmarking

13.8.4. Key Developments

13.9. G.Tec Medical Engineering Gmbh

13.9.1. Company Overview 

13.9.2. Financial Overview

13.9.3. Product Benchmarking

13.9.4. Key Developments

13.10. Bio-Optronics, Inc.

13.10.1. Company Overview 

13.10.2. Financial Overview

13.10.3. Product Benchmarking

13.10.4. Key Developments

14. Key Insights

15. Research Methodology