Digital Tools Update: Facebook Reels To Introduce New Video Ads Tools

In September 2021, Meta launched their Facebook reels in the US. Now, the giant is planning to expand the feature tool base worldwide, making it available in over 150 countries.

Digital Tools Update: Facebook Reels To Introduce New Video Ads Tools

Here’s everything you need to know about how to monetize your content with new Facebook reels updates.

In September 2021, Meta launched their Facebook reels in the US. Now, the giant is planning to expand the feature tool base worldwide, making it available in over 150 countries. This feature played a vital role in countering the TikTok threat. TikTok is a short video content creation platform. Facebook reels allow creators to share short-form video content on Facebook. Plus, cross-post Reels from Instagram to increase their audience’s reach.

Along with that, the platform also has planned to introduce more creative tools. That makes new ways for creators to make money from their Reels through ads.

Instagram launched reels to counter the TikTok platform. But, meta realized the features are more suitable to respond by adding to Facebook.

In their fourth-quarter results, the company made a few statements:

– Reels is its fastest-growing content format by far.

– The feature is the major contributor to growth on Instagram.


Besides the above statements, the company stated,

Reels are also growing at a fast rate on Facebook.

Compared to other content formats like feeds and stories. Reels monetize at a lower rate. Yet, the company is optimistic about its future.

So, use this opportunity at its early stages.

But puzzled about how to work around it?

Fret not! We got you covered.

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Let us look at new updates from Meta for Facebook reels.

Overlay ads:

These ads appear over the reels. They are transparent, which ensures uninterrupted streaming with ads. These ads are beneficial to the creators because they can earn a part of advertising revenue.

A snippet from Meta Creators:

Overlay ads are placed directly on top of a Facebook Reel in a banner or sticker format. Overlay ads appear transparently over reels content, meaning that people can view the ad without interrupting the content of the reel they’re consuming. If an overlay ad is included in your reel, you’ll earn a portion of the advertising revenue.

The focus of Meta is:

To enhance the suite of tools so that creators can build a sustainable business on Facebook. (can we add HTML tag here-meta main page)

There are two types of overlay ads on Facebook reels:

1) Banner ads: When you watch reels, we will notice ads at the bottom of the reels. Those are banner ads. Banner ads appear as overlay ad. on the bottom of the reel.

2)Sticker Ads: If you receive a reel that has an image anywhere over the reel, then that’s a sticker ad. Sticker ads appear as static images which are placed anywhere over the reels.

How to insert Overlay ads on Facebook reels?

For any existing user of the in-stream ad program, the reel will be automatically opted for banner ads by default. And please consider that not all reels will contain banner ads. For that, several factors will determine your ads. Such as targeting, the value of ads, etc.

Whereas, for stickers, there are a few steps:
  1. Upload a creative for reel and then tap stickers
  2. Next, below the stickers tab, select ad.
  3. Once you select the ad, tap add sticker ads.
  4. And finally, adjust the positioning of the sticker to frame the reel.

Once you complete these steps, Facebook will choose an ad to display on the frame. It is according to users’ interests.

Facebook reels

Are you eligible for Facebook reels overlay ads?

The users who are already eligible to monetize videos with in-stream ads for on-demand on Facebook will be eligible for monetizing reels with overlay ads.

Do you want to be a part of this program? Then there are a few points to consider before applying for it.

Facebook reels

What is next for creators?

This feature is still in the early stages of monetization and ad format. The platform is still testing the feature with more creators. With feedback, the platform will make changes to enhance the value of ads for the creators.

Plus, as a part of Meta creator’s $1 billion investment in creators, the creator can earn money for their reels. How? With Meta’s Reels play bonus program. This program allows eligible reels creators to gain up to $35000 per month. Based on the views of their qualifying reels.

And thats all folks.

Are you looking forward for this update?

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