Influencer Marketing: A Game Changer in Online Marketing

Influencer Marketing: A Game Changer in Online Marketing


Ten years ago, only famous people and a handful of committed bloggers were part of influencer marketing. Nowadays, social media influencers have become more popular. Even though the number of followers may differ, these influencers make a significant impact. The close relationships within their communities create genuine connections, resulting in increased trust and interaction.However, collaborating with digital creators and influencers requires brands to follow a well-thought-out process. In this blog we will guide you to understand and navigate through it.

  • What is Influencer Marketing?

To start with, influencer marketing is a form of social media promotion that involves product endorsements from independent individuals (influencers). These influencers have a number of social media followers and are considered as experts in their specific field.The effectiveness of influencer marketing comes from the trust established by social influencers with their audience. Endorsements done by them work as a social proof for your brand’s prospective customers.

  • How is Influencer Marketing a Game Changer?

As per the study, more than 50% of young Americans make purchases based on posts from individuals they follow. Implementing influencer marketing can prove to be a highly impactful tool for promoting your brand.In today’s digital world, More and more, people use social media to look at products they wish to  purchase.They often trust the advice of their favorite influencers. This means influencers are like the new salespeople, and businesses are figuring out who to team up with to sell more.It would not be wrong if you say the influencers are the brand ambassadors.

  • Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy:

We have seen how influencer marketing can reward your businesses by reaching the maximum number of people. However, There are some basic points that need to be kept in mind while creating the influencer marketing strategy. These points include: 

  • Find the Right Influencers:

Research is the key here. You need to do a thorough research about the influencers who are from your niche. Understand how they are endorsing the products. Connect with them and agree upon payment terms. If you fail to get the appropriate influencer, it is very much likely that your campaign might be at loss.

  • Decide on a Budget:

It is possible that the influencer you are looking for is not fitting in your budget. Once you are aware about the various payment rates for influencers, it’s important to establish your budget. Make sure to consider time for planning, carrying out, and evaluating your influencer program. Running a successful influencer marketing campaign isn’t a one-time, hands-off approach. It requires diligent monitoring and follow-up.

  • Outline your Campaign Strategy:

The primary motivations for adopting influencer marketing typically involve boosting brand recognition and driving sales. Instead of broadly focusing on these objectives, it is more effective to begin your strategy by identifying the specific needs of your brand. For example, you might aim to grow your customer base among the audience with an age group between 20 to 35, or target a new potential user group with a new product, or use influencers to promote your brand values rather than following trends.

  • Contacting the Influencers:

Once the strategy and goals are ready, your next job is getting the right influencer. This includes, check for their authenticity, check if they have worked for a brand similar to yours. It is asl advisable that you check comments and responses from the followers of that influencer to get an over idea about the individual.

  • Reaching Out:

Decide on the method you’ll use to contact influencers. Reach out to micro-influencers through private messages on the same platform. Established influencers might have business contact details in their bio or link to a website showcasing brand partnerships.

  • Tracking Influecer marketing Campaigns:

The campaign’s success needs to be tracked to understand if the strategy is proving successful or not.  There are a lot of tools available in the market like BuzzSumo, Hypeauditer, Mavrck etc.


Influencers possess the capability to reach highly specific audiences, ensuring that your content engages with a targeted group genuinely interested in your product. Their content, characterized by a conversational tone and personal narrative, stands out from the more promotional and sales-oriented posts a brand might create for the same product on their own feed.

Once you’ve mastered the process, you might explore developing different kinds of influencer marketing initiatives. 


An influencer is an individual who holds the ability to impact the buying choices of others.

It is a type of marketing based on principles of endorsement.

Research is the key! The more you research the better picture you will have about whom to contact for your product.

Till the time the content is of excellent quality and the audience finds the product or service relevant to them, the majority of people don’t have an issue with it.

Influencer marketing is being used from the food and beverages industry,  fashion sector to, spanning across apps, retail, events, and health & wellness.

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