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content syndication

Got content? Excelsior has extensive experience in leveraging content for clients to deliver the leads you need at a cost that you want to pay Prospects looking for solutions to their business problems, we begin with their buying cycle by searching for trusted opinions and sources to validate their decisions. Access to whitepapers and industry press is the most helpful at this time in the buying cycle. According to industry studies, more than 90% of technology buyers consult a white paper or case study before contacting a vendor regarding a purchase.

content syndication

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Excelsior Research offers you with a comprehensive range of B2B Lead Generation Services. We perform various activities to generate a consistent outflow of high-quality leads. We focus towards hand-selected B2B contact and account data which enables us to create an ideal profile for targeting.

Content Syndication Can Be The Cost-Effective Way To Leverage Your Investment

It can be one of the most cost-effective ways to leverage your investment in white papers, Webcasts, case studies, and analyst reports by making those documents instantly accessible to millions of technology buyers searching for information related to your category or the business problem that your product solves. The internet space is now cluttered with thousands of technology websites and networks that will post your content for free, but it can be a time-consuming and thankless exercise to determine which websites will match the right audience profile with your content.

content syndication

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