Twitter Users Can View Super Follows Notifications Of Their Favorite Creators.

Loved SwatKat content? with Super Follows Notifications now you can get access to the exclusive content by the creators.

Twitter Users Can View Super Follows Notifications Of Their Favorite Creators.

And what does it mean for the creators and publishers?

Loved SwatKat content? with Super Follows Notifications now you can get access to the exclusive content by the creators. If you are a subscriber, great! now you get notification of her content crafted only for you.

Twitter released the super Follows Notifications feature in February 2021. This feature enabled the creators to create content exclusively for their subscribers. The creators will be able to post specific content on the Super Follow paywall.

Before we explore the new update, let us first understand what is Twitter Super Follow tool

As discussed earlier, Twitter introduced this feature in February, last year. This feature allowed the creators to create exclusive content for their paid subscribers.

It is a paid monthly subscription that offers:

  • bonus content,
  • exclusive previews,
  • and other perks

Further, the platform plans to include:

Option for creators to choose what bonus content they share on Spaces, newsletters, and other Twitter features. At the moment, they can only share bonus content through Super Follower-only Tweets..

Sharing options

The subscriber will have 2  options:

  • Retweet and
  • Quote Tweet Super Follows Tweets

Access to the tweets

Subscriber will be able to see

  • Retweets,
  • Shared links, or
  • Direct Messages of Super Follows Notifications Tweets

and a nonsubscriber will only be able to view creator comments in a Quote Tweet. Plus, they will be encouraged to follow that creator or publisher’s account to gain access to super follow content. You can follow more than one user, though do remember that there are different packages for each.

Twitter is offering 3 packages for the subscribers at a monthly cost of $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99. the creators earn up to 97% of the subscriber amount. This is after reduction of in-app purchase fees, up to $50,000 in lifetime earnings. After the creator crosses the lifetime earning limit and reduction in in-app purchases, the creator can earn up to 80 percent.

As of now, the feature is available only on iOS and android. But, Twitter is planning to expand it on all other platforms.

What is this new update in the Super Follows subscription?

Super follows notifications

This new update promises more direct connections with platform creators and publishers. The platform will alert them that you are their paying subscriber. It will also include a separate Super Followers notification tab for creators. Plus, it is a new way for subscribers to receive alerts from accounts they follow. We can elaborate on this topic by dividing it into 2 parts; creators and subscribers.


These users will get their ‘Super followers’ only notification stream. i.e. to give priority with segmenting subscriber notification from regular alerts. This will provide more opportunities to engage with specific subscribed audiences. Plus, improves community connection and interaction. Users will have more reason to sign-up.

This feature promises a more direct connection between subscribers, creators, and publishers. It alerts them that you are their paying subscriber.


These users will have an option to switch on notifications of the creators they super follow. Also, this feature enables users to be updated with the latest tweets that are directed at them.

That’s all folks.

Which Twitter users are you looking forward to super following?

What do you find valuable from their Twitter content?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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