Why Meta Newsletter Is Shutting Down?

Meta Newsletter
Why meta newsletter is shutting down? The reason behind meta newsletter is shutting down. Read the blog to know more

Why Meta Newsletter Is Shutting Down?

Meta one of the most used social networking platforms, has many useful features which lets users a satisfied experience while using this social networking app. Wonderful features like meta newsletter, meta live video, group calls, group chat, ability to create Ad campaigns for companies, and of course a better market reach. But recently the announced shutting down of the meta newsletter feature in the coming months. Meta is the only company who is focused to rolling out technology-based features to ease the UI. Following are some reasons to why meta newsletter is shutting down?

Why meta newsletter is shutting down?

After launching meta newsletter in April 2021, the company decided to take it away from the market for better. During the lockdown when local newspapers were unable to run their businesses, Meta grabbed this opportunity to provide news to the online community. After few months of success meta newsletter turned into bulletin and was able to gain more than 1,000 subscribers. But these form of blogging we say, lacked behind the interest of the readers over the news provided by means of video and graphics. This strongly affected the Meta’s interest in newsletter. This was the reason behind meta newsletter is shutting down.


When it comes to reading people generally prefer videos which are in the form of informatives unless the written content is short but informative. Content marketing along with social media networks in booming all over the world. But not all people prefer the written content over videos and graphics. The technology today, has so much improved that, a lengthy form of written content can be provided in simple 1 minute’s video. Therefore, meta failed to changes its form of bulletin. It is necessary to always go along with the trend.

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