Best sitemap examples to increase website views

Sitemap examples
Planning to launch a website for your e-commerce business? Check out this blog to understand the basic structure for website with best sitemap examples to increase website views.

Best sitemap examples to increase website views


Creating a website and maintain those web pages is a continuous task. Audience over the world tend to get attracted towards beautifully designed websites.  A page which gives an idea about everything it presents on the internet can create a win-win situation. It is important to set an point of view for Best sitemap examples to increase website views

What is sitemap?

A sitemap can be referred as a map of different videos, pages and other stuff which is available on the whole company’s website. For example, a person is on landing page, and there’s a table of content which shows the overview of the structure of the and he clicks on another page using that table of contents. This way time spent on the website improves as it is easy to navigate between the pages.

Best sitemap examples to increase website views

HTML sitemap

Using WordPress, setting up HTML sitemap is easy. HTML provides better options to organize the website. When an e-commerce website has a lot of products or blogs published on their websites, this sitemap can be extremely useful

XML Sitemap

Considering the SEO strategies, when companies wish to land on top of search engines, XML sitemap can come in handy as its focus is on search engine’s ranking method. XML uses links to index on search engines. Google sitemap generator is aided to help beginners in terms of content indexing.

Planning sitemap

On website, in order to show structured flow chart to map the website’s navigation. A site structure is an initial step towards building a website. This sitemap includes basic navigation, homepages, call to action buttons and secondary navigation.


Internet is providing many opportunities as a digital marketer. Maintaining such websites is a work of SEO expert. Accommodating technology in digital marketing can improve business and efficiency in the teams. Today, e-commerce business is booming all over the world, for which existence on the internet is necessary. People love to navigate through websites which allows them uncomplicated site surfing. If they are easy to surf you get more views.Therefore, having best sitemaps can improve the overall business.

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