Top 5 effective ways to avoid Email mistakes

Email Mistakes
People are unsubscribing from your emailers? And you don’t know why? We have designed a blog to share Top 5 effective ways to avoid Email mistakes!

Top 5 effective ways to avoid Email mistakes


Today, in the world of digitalization, we receive everyday uncountable promotional emailers from many companies. Unlike those traditional methods, when a marketing person used to call us and disturb us, emailers on the other hand stay silent in our inboxes until we open them. Emailers are the new way of communication where companies inform about new products, services or any change being offered. But there are some top 5 effective ways to avoid Email mistakes, to gain more clicks.

Top 5 effective ways to avoid Email mistakes

Don’t be fully automatic.

When you think of automation, it is not quite fully usable. Because machines make mistakes. Sending automatic email will reduce the opening rate of the email. When an actual person sends the email it provides a different feeling within a mail. At the person reading it understand it better.

Don’t forget to add call to action button

Informing people about new update and just leaving them informed will not help in promoting the product. At least emailers should have some call to action buttons (CTA) which directs the person who is reading the email to land on any other page. Mere informatives are boring and doesn’t attract further reading.

Don’t be irritating

Sending frequent emails with boring stuff can result in unsubscribing from the emailer. There should be a proper interval between two emails. Also adding some to be continued…, secret revealed in the next email etc.… words will increase the interest.

Don’t forget to add graphics

Writing lengthy emails, with heavy words without any animations or graphics have no effects on audience. Graphics can spread the message of 1000 words in just any image or shape. Therefore, to be attractive while sending email don’t forget to add graphics.

Add personalization without forgetting

Sending emails with a personalized message or with a name, will increase the opening rate of such promotional emails. People feel attached to the company when they are given personalized services.


In order to avoid email mistakes while sending out bunch of email follow the above guidelines to increase the brand awareness. Technology is improving and allowing companies around the world to communicate free of charge in any corner of the world. Thus, avoid silly email mistakes and focusing on to gaining more customers from around the world in this hypercompetitive world is important. Emailers can help you gain more competitive advantage over the other companies.

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