Affiliate Marketing & Traditional Marketing; What Is Better?

Affiliate Marketing
Digital transformation has changed the working structures even in the marketing field. This blog might help you to earn a passive income.

Affiliate Marketing & Traditional Marketing; What Is Better?

Are you already a marketer? Or you are working as an employee in any other company and looking for some extra income? As you all have the basic understanding of the marketing, this blog won’t be boring as you get along with it. There’s not a single area where technology is not involved. Today, medical, education, manufacturing, transport, communication and not to mention marketing! This blog is a supplementary read to understand the difference between affiliate marketing & traditional marketing; what is better?

What is Traditional Marketing

Do you remember the 90’s era, when telephones were invented and some person on the other line used to call you for selling a product or service? Or even interesting promotional advertisements on televisions? That is what exactly traditional marketing is! Few years ago, there were company’s agents who were involved in marketing team and would help them sell their product and earn a commission. These also involved some  offline advertisements made through newspapers, radio channels, magazines, billboards. In many of the advertisements, a promo code, which was shown on the advertisements was used for the dedicated person to earn a commission. In short, traditional marketing refers to the marketing activities which are not conducted online (by means of internet).

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This is the new way of marketing the products or services being offered by the company. Affiliate marketing, is also an passive source of income provided some requirements are met. Amazon, Etsy and many more likely online shopping websites offers such affiliate marketing programs. In order to start affiliate marketing, one must have to register for their program and follow the given instructions. With the use of digital marketing, for eg. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram go appropriate with the combination of affiliate marketing programs.
Let’s say, you are enrolled in any of the above program, and have social media accounts with whole lot of followers. Then, a link with special code is provided by the company. Once shared the product information with the tailored link, on the clicking and buying the products out of the same link, earns you a minimum commission. This method is useful only when you have excellent number of followers or subscribers. Rocky affiliate marketers are also eligible to  earn great amount of commission  after many months of hard work.

Affiliate marketing or traditional marketing; what is better?

Honestly, there is no preference is these two marketing method. It fully depends on the personality of the marketer and the communication talent by which various customers re attracted towards the products. Let’s understand the difference between these two terms;

Affiliate Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Worldwide reach

Limited to local boundaries

Idle work

Backbreaking work

Online marketing options

Offline marketing options

Multiple currency income

Single currency income

Untargeted marketing

Targeted marketing

As seen above, you must have understood the major difference between these two terms. Actually, it depends on the person to choose the marketing method for the promotions. Both of these terms are providing great result on their ends.


Today, the world has taken a leap into digital marketing, therefore it is allowing the people to work on their own convenience. As in the old days, when people were asked to break their necks by cold calling. When they had to undergo limitless insults and unlimited super visioned calling causing layoffs, on the other hand, affiliate marketing provide freelancing opportunities, where you can work on your own pace and at convenience.
Even though, pandemic period caused side effects but simultaneously it created digital opportunities increasing the work from home opportunities for the people around the world. There are many people on YouTube, providing guidance on affiliate marketing, where they can earn dual income as to terms of income from YouTube plus affiliated links. At the end, it is recommended to go for Amazon’s associate programme as it is easy to join and extremely uncomplicated. On the opening of associate’s program, you just need to fill out some information required by them, and you will be given 6 months of trial period under which you are supposed sell any 3 products using the tailored made link

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