Do you think you can beat their Job Applications? Think Again.

Job applications
These people took one step ahead with their creative Job Applications. Check these out-of-box ideas to stay ahead in your job search. Tap to know more.

Do you think you can beat their Job Applications? Think Again.

A blog exploring crazy stunts people did for Job Applications to get hired.

The job search can be stressful for the candidates. It is a long process that requires immense patience. Being a college student opens a doorway for vacancies in companies. Collaboration of colleges and offices benefits aspiring students. With internships,  candidates get a glance at the world of corporate. They have the option to consider whether they are suitable for the job. But that does not change the fact of difficulty in achieving your dream. As thousands of candidates apply for the same position thus, there is tough competition. Hence, there is a need to think creatively to create job applications that stand out from the others.

If your dream job is in a higher position, then corporate requires you to have experience. And, to gain experience, you need a job.

Job applications

Not only a resume, but you need to establish how you differ from other applicants. The first step to this is comprehensive research. Then Next network, Upskill, and execution.

Need any ideas on how to achieve that? We have you covered. In today’s blog, we have complied Five out-to-box applications that sound crazy but are true. These people went out of their way and some even set trends.

Five creative job applications that will blow your mind away

1) Flyers with LinkedIn profile:

For the position of marketing specialist, Jonathan Swift took a different route. Instead of a traditional resume, he printed flyers with his name, photo, and QR code promoting his LinkedIn profile. Then, he attached them to the wipers of the cars of each employee associated with the company. As a result, the office employees who were watching him were impressed. And the best part, he became the talk of the office. Craig Wassell, Marketing Manager at InstantPrintUK, even shared CCTV footage of Swift.

Mr. Wassel also added that Jonathan’s application did more than grab my attention. It showed that he had researched the brand and had the right attitude, creativity, and sense of humor to fit the team perfectly.

QR code does wonders. Take that team. Here is an answer to why QR was important to be attached to every employee.

2) Start a digital campaign:

The best use of digital marketing is to start a campaign to convey your message to the maximum audience. One such example is #makeAayushworkagain.

This campaign features Indian memes which are relatable and engaging. It attracts the attention of recruiters plus starts a conversation. For a marketing position, promotion is one of the best strategies to establish oneself as the right candidate.  

Job Applications
3) Buy a Billboard:

In 2012, Adam Pacitti, a graduate, applied for 250 companies and was unemployed. He launched an ‘Employ Adam’ campaign considering the effectiveness of print advertising. We are not even kidding when we say he bought a billboard pictured. With this strategy, Adam received 60 interviews and a job. Plus, BBC, CNN, CBS have featured his projects.

Job Applications
4) Lego resume:

Illustrations are a great way to present your prowess in graphic design. It is one thing to list your skills on your resume and another to deliver results of the skills. Leah Bowman took a creative route while submitting the resume. His resume was a simple creative of customized packets of Lego sets. With a focus to prompt potential hiring managers to build the perfect account service intern.

Lego resume
5) Video resume:

You may have received a message from recruiting website on the updation of your profile with a video resume. This trend credit goes to Graeme Anthony. His YouTube video focuses on different sections, About Me, Portfolio, and Timeline. Later, he shared this video with multiple recruiters. And his efforts bore fruits. He received many interviews, a job offer, and 681,842 views.

And that’s a wrap,

Which among the above application did you love the most?

And what different routes will you take to grab the attention of recruiters?

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