Is meta ruining the concept of virtual reality?

Virtual reality
Everyone is doubting Is meta ruining the concept of virtual reality? To this, there’s no firm answer. Technology is changing more than we have imagined. This blog has explain the other side of such developments.

Is meta ruining the concept of virtual reality?

Virtual Reality (VR), is booming all over the world. When headsets compatible with virtual reality came into existence, it gave birth to many games which can be played using virtual reality. Today, Half-life: Alyx is top VR survival game. VR can make you feel like you have entered into the game dynamics and   playing in real life. Not only games, but you can watch videos, movies and many more things. But, do you think Is meta ruining the concept of virtual reality?

What is meta and metaverse?

Meta is nothing but a reformed name of Facebook. Few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the formation of Metaverse in the sense of virtual reality. Meta will combine its technology with virtual reality, which will create Metaverse. The term Metaverse is usually used when we are talking about the 3D avatars we see on the internet. These 3D avatars are controlled using VR headsets. For e.g. If you move your hand, your 3D avatar will also move his hand. Whatever action you are doing it will be followed by your avatar. Following post on twitter from Mark Zuckerberg revealed its announcement.

Virtual reality

The Meta’s post on twitter was followed by the explanation by Mark Zuckerberg of Augmented intelligence combined with metaverse. What we think, using 3D avatars is pretty good to hide your identity. Do you know, you can create your own 3D avatars using the Readyplayerme’s website and have it exported to other social media sites.

Is meta ruining the concept of virtual reality?

But, why people are saying the meta is ruining the VR concept when it is actually introducing technology which will be useful in every aspect of life?   Today, meta is excessively focusing on metaverse and VR. But to be frank, today do we really need high contribution in the technology? It is not like 3D avatars are going to help you in the kitchen to cook, or clean the house for you. Moreover, even without the metaverse, we conduct daily meetings, meet people in real life. At times, it’s not like our life depends on 3D avatars. But, there are daily investments happening around the world in this modern technology forcing us to be technology dependent. So far, developments in technology are under control, so far we can connect to any corner of the world by means of voice or video call. But do we really need metaverse to be involved even in social media? We can simply not have any social media accounts or just not post any photos of ourselves.

Future of Metaverse and Virtual reality

Till today, new technology is used mainly for corporation purposes. Gaming companies can create a different level of experience using metaverse and virtual reality. It make you feel that you have actually entered into the game. Future of Metaverse and Virtual reality could be just anything that is not imaginable. Today you are able to create a 3D avatar and feel the game without actually entering it. In the future, maybe we will be able to land in another country  in actual using 3D avatars and this might need visa to go to another country? Developments are unpredictable, they can be dangerous or not dangerous but safety shall be kept in the mind while using it.


Let take an example here, there are many people who love Harry Potter and his magical world. What if, we use technology and really create Hogwarts and magic and all the spells come real in life? Seems fascinating right? But it is extremely dangerous. Using the spell “Apparate” which means teleportation of the person from one place to another within seconds. What if the person apparates to your place when you are counting money and snatches of the money and disappartes again? Can you catch him? No!! Likewise, too much involvement in our life is scary. Social media are better off for content creation and socialization only, more than that can be harmful.

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