Revolutionary Content Marketing Trends To Follow For Every Marketer!

Did you know that content marketing gets 3x more leads than paid advertising ever did? Content marketing is the topmost priority for businesses for a strong reason.

Revolutionary Content Marketing Trends To Follow For Every Marketer!

Did you know that content marketing gets 3x more leads than paid advertising ever did? Content marketing is the topmost priority for businesses for a strong reason. It helps in getting conversions and taking the business one level up. Content marketing is basically the process of writing relevant+valuable content for the audience with the motive of turning them into potential customers. If your content provides value or connects to your target group, then it is most likely to get more engagement. Various brands use this marketing tactic in an effective manner to drive sales. 

The digital era has wiped off the traces of traditional marketing when businesses were highly dependent on such sources. But, with the advent of technology, content marketing is a convenient option for business brands, whether big or small. It requires minimum investment and good long term returns. Let us go through the latest trends that have come up in content marketing in the midst of the worldwide pandemic.

Dive into the power of social media:

It is quite evident that the no. of users on social media are ever-increasing and for the good of the marketers. Therefore, it makes it important for business brands to have an online presence on social media platforms. This will help in getting more conversions out of your existing followers. Putting out relevant content on social media will attract more audiences within your target group. This content will be further shared by the audience to some new people who would come to know about your brand more and more. In this way, the probable reach will increase for your business brand and your marketing will be amped up. You also get to maintain a trustworthy relationship with your audience and make quicker conversions.

Podcasts know it all:

Podcasts are one of the most popular content marketing trends for the past few years and they continue to be the same. Podcasts are highly convenient as one does not need to keep looking at it by pausing other work. One can listen to podcasts while walking, talking, sleeping, working, and so on. The podcast genre could be anything like inspiration, sports, entertainment, books, industry news, and others. This type of informative and engaging content makes the listener feel connected and hooked to the speaker’s voice. Some audio quality equipment is needed for podcasting which can make it a bit expensive but it will pay off if the brand’s following is big. 

Enhance content experience:

The structure and the presentability of the content will help the audience in getting enhanced content experience. The content that is posted on social media should not appear cluttered or congested in any way, this will scare off the viewers and they will look for the same information on other pages. Therefore, keep the content easy to read and your website easy to navigate. Choose a good layout, add powerful visuals, and deliver simplified information to the audience.  It will help you maintain the right standard of content that is produced on your website. More and more readers will engage with the content through likes, comments, shares, saves, and so on. 

Go live with video streaming:

One of the recent marketing trends is a live video streaming and it is gaining more popularity day by day. People prefer watching the content more than just reading it over and over again. The content that is put up in the video is more understandable and convenient to consume. Video is the most popular and highly effective form of content on social media and elsewhere. Youtube is still the second most visited website in the world. Talking of live stream videos, it helps businesses in maintaining a direct connection with the audience. In this the content is not fixed rather there is real-time interaction which keeps the audience engaged more.

Try out carousel posts on Instagram:

the carousel posts are basically a slideshow of the photos on Instagram. It provides the opportunity to upload a maximum of 10 pictures at once instead of spamming the audience with 10 different posts. With the help of carousel posts, brands can market their product well by displaying many pictures at a time. The brands can show before-after, behind the scenes, product reviews, or any other useful information using the interactive slide feature. 

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