Youtube Marketing: Types of Youtube Ads

Why do brands advertise on Youtube? It is certainly because Youtube is the world’s second most popular website with around 2 million visitors per month

Youtube Marketing: Types of Youtube Ads

Why do brands advertise on Youtube? It is certainly because Youtube is the world’s second most popular website with around 2 million visitors per month. In order to decide the allocation of the budget for youtube Ad, it has very fast reach and also targeting capabilities that makes it a truly valuable platform for great customer experience. Youtube is evidently for watching videos that are interesting and quite intriguing to watch and keep the users hooked. Now, the ads displayed on youtube helps in bringing more profit to the businesses having online presence on Youtube. There are several types of youtube ads which we will cover in this article: 

Skippable in stream video ads:

Such type of ads either play before or during a video, also known as pre-roll or mid roll. One of their most defining features includes choosing to skip the video after 5 seconds or so. Further, being an advertiser, you only have to pay if the viewer chooses to view the ad beyond 5 seconds. Therefore, your ad must be anywhere near to 12 seconds long, or you can say maybe under 3 minutes is recommended. In this case, you are going to have to pay when the person watches the first 30 seconds or the whole video or if they do interact with your ad by clicking on it. There’s a popular term called true view in Youtube which stands for Youtube’s pet name for payment type in which you have to make payment for an ad impression as and when a user clicks on it. 

Non-skippable in stream video ads:

As we know that users are in the habit of skipping ads when they have an open choice, thereby the advertisers choose to run pre roll or mid roll ads which don’t have a skip button at all. When can a brand take use of non-skippable streams? It can be done while aiming for brand awareness and when you have full confidence that your creative is strong in holding your audience’s attention for a time period of complete 15 seconds. In the specific case of non-skippable ads, the advertiser is bound to pay per impression at CPM, to say 1000 per view. 

Discovery ads:

Discovery ads are quite similar to the ads that are displayed on Google’s search result pages. It is important to acknowledge that youtube is a search engine as much as it is a social media platform. Unlike in-stream ads which perform like a traditional TV commercial, the discovery ad tends to show up with the organic search results. Therefore, if your video holds more relevant than the organic results, people have the choice to watch it. Discovery ads consist of three lines of text with thumbnails alongside it. When those who are interested click on your ad, then they are most likely sent through your video page or youtube channel. 

Non-video ads:

There are advertisers who are new to Youtube and lack a budget for it, for them Youtube offers non- video ads. In the non-video ads category, there are again two types of ads, one is display ads which appear on the right-hand sidebar and also include an image and text, with a call to action and a link to your website. On the other hand, the in-video overlay ads appear as floating on top of video content from monetized youtube channels. In the digital world, both these ads display in conjunction with the related content. But, that is not supposed to be true always. 

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