What makes Amazon hidden keywords to list products on top?

Amazon hidden keywords

What makes Amazon hidden keywords to list products on top?

Today Amazon is world’s largest online shopping website. Amazon has given a better opportunity to small entrepreneurs sell the products worldwide having no special marketing effort. Whatever you search on Amazon is available in instance with variety. The logo of Amazon, which has a smile like arrow starting from A and ending at Z at the bottom, itself states that, from category A to category Z products are available for purchase. There only one behind the curtain trick which questions, what makes Amazon hidden keywords to list products on top?

Does Amazon hidden keywords differ from SEO analytics?

To be honest, SEO analytics and Amazon hidden keywords differ very little from each other. SEO analytics shows exact what words are supposed to be displayed, whereas Amazon hidden words does as the name suggest, it has hidden keywords which are not displayed anywhere in the product title, product description or anywhere in the website. Many of the third party sellers are unaware about this trick, therefore they lag behind all the other competitors. There are millions of sellers on Amazon selling billions of similar products. They have advertising power but their product lag behind the price market. What we mean is, having 5 stars from few customers and buying capacity is more than your products do not matter unless the customer is entirely satisfied. Therefore, rather spending useless amount on advertising and marketing use Amazon hidden keywords structure which will automatically rank your products on top.
Amazons hidden keywords can be inserted before putting the product live on Amazon for sell. The Amazon hidden keywords are supposed to be put upon 250 fifty characters of search terms, which refers to Amazons user interface.
For e.g. we when play a game, where we are supposed to spell out all the other words but not the main word which is shown on the card, and let our team members guess it, these other words guessed by the team members can be your hidden words. Often including Amazon hidden keywords into the webpage, can be more beneficial rather than spending huge money on Amazon’s promotion programs.


Amazons hidden word trick is not known to everyone, thus this is your chance to rank your product. But take in the mind that, updating such keyword on regular basis is necessary, otherwise your competitors are going to snatch your place. Planning your strategy to beat your competitors even for selling on Amazon is necessary. Moreover, being knowledgeable about using such technology is important, as if you let someone else use the keywords for setting your business, and the owner itself doesn’t know any technology then what is the point in selling online?

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