Digital Media : A Revolution In The World Of Transmission Of Knowledge !

Digital media is electronic content that can be broadcasted and shared all over the internet or computer networks. Text , audio and video type of information can be made viral by this kind of media.

Digital Media : A Revolution In The World Of Transmission Of Knowledge !

Digital media is electronic content that can be broadcasted and shared all over the internet or computer networks. Text , audio and video type of information can be made viral by this kind of media.This clearly states  that news from a cell phone , television , newspapers , social media sites etc, or via other web based places like blogs and websites cover this kind of category. that is presented on a website or a blog can fall into this category. It can be viewed , shared , edited , created and viewed on so many electronic devices. Going digital has so many pros to be with and all the more benefits in every field , be it science , education or business. In the 1950s digital media was invented in a period which is also known as the third industrial revolution or The Digital Revolution. By the 1990s , it was introduced all over and came into usage.however , Charles Babbage is known as the one who first conceptualised codes and information together during the 1800s.Initially only the aristocrats and high profile families had access to such an advanced technology but when we look at it now , Television or a cell phone is not termed as a luxury anymore. It’s an essential element of our lives. There are a few small technology based elements which are termed as digital media attributes and they are as follows : Softwares , digital images , video games , MP3 , Ebooks and electronic documents etc. 

The technology named Digital media is quite vast that for a better understanding and implementation, it is classified into three kinds of Digital Media. They are as follows : 

  1. Owned Media 
  2. Paid Media 
  3. Earned Media 

Owned Media :

It is defined as the kind of information of data which personally authorised and completely is of oneself. This type of media contains your social media handles of various platforms, your blog pages , websites and books etc. Owned media is one amazing kind of media to create brand awareness on the search page. The more owned media you create and upload, the more impressions and insights you gain. Owned media however demands full efforts and timely activities on your authorized content and information. Not only that , but if one plans on building up an empire in the world of digital marketing, uploading informative, relative and accurate content will help in this procedure. 

Paid Media :

It is a kind of digital media which involves paid promotions and services by various established pages and websites. It works if the paid social advertising is linked with the right tools with it. It is one guaranteed way to increase the targeted audience. Although paid media has less organic outputs than those of owned and earned media but still holds its individual importance. 

Earned Media :

It is a type of digital media which is earned not by convincing or incentivising people but by actually making them assured about the product and commodity that they themselves begin the advertising. In this kind of a situation , if any top  post influencers become a part of it , then it increases the audience and the search insights as well. To welcome earned media , one should be prepared for negative feedback as well. Since the larger the audience , the more the criticism. 

Digital marketing has innumerable benefits all the way but some are so helpful that they amp up the business and are every digital amrketer’s initial priorities. 

It is used by humans excessively in a variety of ways. Digital media applications are like images , digital photography , games , audio visual interactions , multimedia and animation creation , web pages , movie production etc and around hundreds of indirect uses which are in every human’s daily life. The hike of digital media has led to a betterment in a certain set of categories which are entertainment , education , journalism , publishing house and music industries. Many corporate fields have thrived under this kind of advanced technology. 

Although digital media is coming up daily with hundreds of benefits, there are some dark sides to this technology as well. The increase in terrorism and crime is seen after digital media upgradation. Socially people are disconnecting. It is hampering the mental and physical health of humans. Along With that , privacy concerns and workload increased at such a high pace that it’s certain to rise and not pause any time now. 

Without facts and principles, data is useless. - Bob Hoffman

He once said it to make people aware of how technology and media is important but with the right set of principles , it is the most wonderful thing. So if one is consumed in the world of digital media , stop yourself now. Because otherwise it’s a black hole where your entry is a voluntary action but departure is completely unpredictable.

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