Best UAE attractions to visit in 2022

UAE Attractions
Are you a travel blogger or just love to travel the world? This blog is for you! Check out best UAE attractions to visit in 2022!

Best UAE attractions to visit in 2022

What make a person happier? Travelling!! That too travelling with family! UAE being the main attraction of skyscrapers experienced a huge increase in international travelers this year after the whole two years in lockdown! UAE has the most attractive structures in the world. Moreover, most of them are eco-friendly. It is not like that it has stopped making further constructions. Check out Expo City Dubai blog to know more.  Here are some Best UAE attractions to visit in 2022.

Best UAE attractions to visit in 2022

The Dubai mall:

This is one of the second largest mall in the world having a floor area of 5,02,000 sm. The mall is equipped with many facilities. Once you got in, it will take you a whole to admire things.

Ski Dubai:

This is an indoor ski resort built with 22,500 sqm allowing visitors to experience indoor snow. This is a part in the Dubai mall. The Ski Dubai was opened in the month of November 2005.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi:

The Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi is a concept of themed park. The main attraction in this is world’s fastest roller coaster. This theme park was opened to the customers on 4th November of 2010.

There are n number of attractions around the UAE. UAE is building new constructions every year. Check out the other blogs mentioned to know more.



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