Know Your Win-Loss Analysis To Boost B2B Sales

B2B Sales
Analyses of the market is necessary, even when it is a B2B or B2C or any kind of sale. Such study can help you bring a knowledge on unwanted losses. Thus, this blog is a supplementary read to know your Win-Loss Analysis to boost B2B Sales.

Know Your Win-Loss Analysis To Boost B2B Sales

When a company is concerned with the business and the market, it always analyses the customer’s preferences in advance. But in case of B2B sales it refers to the business to business transactions. i.e. companies selling raw material to another company in order to produce the product. But, the market is always unstable therefore, even businesses needs to analyse their data before they land into the actual market. Thus, it is necessary to Know your Win-Loss Analysis to boost B2B Sales.

What refers to B2B sales?

Business to business are the sales where one company is selling raw material or ready materials to be attached with the final products. These deals are huge in the amount as, the buyer company purchases sizable raw materials. Both the parties belong to professional group, for that reason, it automatically creates a cycle where these kinds of sale and purchases made repetitively and are more cheaper than the market price.

What is win-loss situation analysis?

The win-loss situation analysis is procedure to forecast the market analysis of the buying and selling structure. The ratio is dependent on the situation in the market. The forces which determine the market fluctuations can be stock market, consumer’s preferences, political and economic changes and many more things. These forces can become uncontrollable if on an international level. Therefore, analysing such forces beforehand always provides favourable situations in terms of company transactions.  Moreover, earlier decision can be also taken into consideration to know, what was favourable and what was not.

What steps can be taken to analyse win-loss situation?

In order to analyse the fluctuating controlled forces, it is necessary to map all the problems which might occur while transacting with B2B market. Following steps can be taken to analyze the win-loss situation.

1) Keep a track

 analyzing the wrong B2B Sales agreements due to unforeseeable things, such data can be preserved for future references. If any similar situation arrive so that it can be avoided or built up with a solution

2) Automating the process

When it comes to the processes handled by human, it is possible that errors in forecasting can occur. Thus, by including technology in the company, it can ease the jumbled work by the automated processes. We can’t fully depend on the machines but forecast made by them are better than the manmade calculations.  

3) Keep an eye on the market trends

As stated earlier, market forces such as political, environmental, economic, supply and demand, consumer’s expectations can cause many changes in a day / night. Having a continuous watch on such forces and proper speculations can also increase the B2B Sales.

4) Understand competitors

There are similar many similar manufactures in the market having exact replica of what you are selling in the B2B Market. In order to avoid losses, understand the competitors behaviour, prices, and their captured market can be useful in increasing the sales in B2B.

5) Employ a team of experts

Employing experts on a forecasting team can be helpful in cases of unforeseeable damages. They can get you solutions in a blink of an eye.


Market is full of uncertain forces which can damage the business. Even the competitors are the main reason for such losses. Being prepared in every situation is the best possible solution which can help you increase B2B sales. Hundreds of companies depend on the other companies who provide raw data. If any of the two companies faces loss, then the whole cycle is affected. Let’s be assured that, only a proper study of the market can ease the normal B2B Sales process.

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