Your Path to Stronger Demand Generation Processes

Demand Generation
Explore the challenges in demand generation, learn about the trends in demand generation, and see how you too have the power to build stronger demand generation practices.

Your Path to Stronger Demand Generation Processes

An honest discussion about the demand generation process. How it works, and where challenges arise.

Demand generation is a long-term relationship between Sales, marketing, business, and customers. Companies find it difficult to only rely on lead generation activities. The authority figures are time bound, and only a fraction of the window is open to seal the deal. It is only achievable by a structured design of demand generation.

First, let’s discuss common doubts your company may face.     

The first and the most weighty question decision-makers have is,

  1. Is the company or a proposal worthy of my time?                                                                          The decision-makers have loads of work with them. Whether it’s decision-making or analyzing company performance in the quarter, along with all the workload and lack of time, what you present will be the game-changer.
  2. How is the company or a proposal beneficial to our organization?                                            This question is the key to conversion. To achieve it, deliver critical information without diverting irrelevant information. It is essential to have all your cards in hand before going to the meeting.

These are the 2 of the most significant challenges your company may face in lead generation.        And the principal solution to them is Demand Generation.

How will your company develop demand generation?

Demand Generation is the premier step of any marketing funnel.

The process of demand generation includes marketing and sales activities. Lead generation is the ultimate step of the marketing funnel. It is also a part of the demand generation process.         Often people confuse between them because of their similar approaches. There is a minor difference. We have discussed this in our other blog. Do not forget to give it a read.

Now, back to the topic.

Demand generation is a six-step process.

1. Defining the audience:

 Identification of your audience for targeting is necessary for demand generation marketing. This process also guides you to derive whether your viewers align with your goals. Defining will also help you narrow down your audience. You will know what message to deliver and to whom

2. Develop goals and strategies: 

Once you know your audience and their requirement, form strategies that deliver messages aligned to audience goals. It also means deciding on the KPIs of your tactic and designing a marketing funnel based on your user’s journey, and defining goals for your marketing campaigns.

According to HubSpot, Demand generation marketers have focused on five primary goals in marketing campaigns.

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Increase in Sales
  3. Increase in Engagement
  4. Lead Generation
  5. and finally, an Increase in Revenue.

The main marketing priorities of Marketers are:


34% agreed on Lead Generation, whereas 23% agreed on increased customer satisfaction.  20% of marketers focused on improving brand awareness. Less than 20% of marketers focus on closing more deals and customer retention.

Defining your goals helps you develop a marketing strategy customized to your business priorities.                                                                                                                              Once your goals align with your priorities, the next step you need to take is Tools Set-up.

1.Tools Set-Up

      • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a powerful tool. With SEO, you can increase your reach. And rank your website relevant to your audience’s search terms. SEO also helps to understand your audience’s wants and needs.
      • Content- marketing: Content Marketing helps to target and deliver your message right niche. Content is everything from the ads., videos, Memes, Brochures, PDFs that users consume on the internet.

        Content marketers produce content as per user consumption.

      • Social Listening: Hashtag Trending. One of the most crucial tools in demand generation. It helps to understand the topic trending on the internet. Various online tools help digital and demand generation marketers to stay relevant.

      • Landing-Page: This is the most hands-down significant step. Your website will not rank without optimizing your landing page.       

        HubSpot has observed that,     

        Marketers have increased the budget by 63% and plan to spend it on paid advertising, content creation, and software. Marketing is the largest user of automation.            More than 65% of an organization’s primary approach to marketing is on social media. Forty percent in SEO, and over 35% in account-based marketing(ABM). Thirty-five percent in content marketing.

  1. Organic and Paid channels:

    Organic channels like Blogger used to share infotainment content. It is content that includes information and entertainment. A paid platform like Google ads targets the audience.

  2. Measure Success rate:

    It is the last step of the process. Analyzing the data of your strategies implemented helps marketer to understand the rate of success. It helps to adapt to changing user preferences and trends.

And that’s a wrap.

Do share your views in the comment section below and also whether we have missed anything.

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