Digital Marketing & Pandemic: Before and after of the US and UK Market

A new era of transformation took palace where it proved to be effective to let people remotely. This blog will represent some aspects of digital marketing & pandemic in the US and UK markets.

Digital Marketing & Pandemic: Before and after of the US and UK Market

It was the month of March 2020 when the whole world, faced a drastic change in their lifestyles. Not only Corporations and governments, but even households were under the shadow of lockdown. The period of lockdown when no one was allowed to step outside their premises. That’s when a new concept boomed at a very lightning speed, called” Digital Marketing.” A new era of transformation took palace where it proved to be effective to let people remotely. This blog will represent some aspects of digital marketing & pandemic in the US and UK markets.

Not even a few years ago, computers were invented, but it gave a smart life structure to the lifestyle. The manual work replaced by the automatic work causing human beings to work smartly. But the kind technology, which is in existence today, wasn’t present in the past. But the year 2020 caused the technology to be more advanced than ever before. Now a days is it now possible for a person to fully work remotely from any places he wants. Appropriate measures are taken by the companies to let their employees enjoy the work. The United States of America and United Kingdom, who were less active on digital marketing and more dependent on offline work rolled out a different way of work life balance.  Not only, corporations, but individual were more involved in social media during the pandemic period turning themselves as well known and high paid social media influencers and public figures.

Let’s understand what includes digital marketing and social media

Digital marketing can be referred as online marketing using technology i.e., Laptop, mobile, iPad and many more electronic devices.
Social media accounts presents the accounts created using Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Combining both of the terms marketing and social media, become digital marketing.

Digital marketing includes and not limited to US and UK:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Search Engine optimization.

Digital Marketing in US and UK market before Pandemic

Even though, USA and UK are developed countries, there involvement on digital marketing was very low before the pandemic following charts proves Digital Marketing & Pandemic: Before and after of the US and UK Market statistics

According to the research by Pewresearch, very few people were involved in starting in the year 2006, the engagement level rose by 4% to 5% by each ear. Whereas, in the year it jumped around 75% irrespective of their age.

On the other hand, UK’s involvement on social media was lesser than the United States of America. According to the Hootsuite, 4623 million people were jumbled on the social medias whereas in the year 2020 of pandemic there were only 3,709 individuals.

Advantages of digital marketing in the US and UK

As we all know, USA and UK are most advanced countries, collaboration with such countries allow us following top 8 benefits of being a digital marketer in US and UK.

1. Increases potential

Using the digital marketing techniques, we can spread worldwide exposing our potential to more skills and ability to earn passive income from home. Social media accounts if well handles and well known, can help in earning homebased permanent income.

2. International recognition

Considering the global recognition in terms of digital marketing, can gain a lot of benefit as an individual or any corporations lends their business on international level. Therefore, increasing a market reach simultaneously.

3. Lower cost 

Investing in digital marketing, has low or minimal costs. Therefore, it is affordable to widespread the business in developed countries such as USA or UK in terms of unrecognized advancements.

4. User friendly

Even if you are not technological geek, there’s a no problem. Social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook are extremely user friendly. Some statistics which can be learned within a day, and you are ready to bang on the social media.

5. Impressive results

Using the said technology, can be helpful in engagement and retention of the customers in terms of infographics, attractive social media posts, blogs, informative videos and much more. By post such things on global level, a prospective customer become informant of the products/ services being offered.

6. Numerous options of digital marketing

Digital marketing is not only limited to email marketing or social media posts. It also involves, visual content, e-books, emailers and podcasts.

7. Increases trust and image

Having presence on social media, and involvement in digital marketing, helps company or any individual to build a trust and improve the brand image.

8. Speedy recognition and worldwide reach

Even if someone is a newbie in digital marketing, using proper hashtags, can help the person reach worldwide in limited time period.


The world is changing as per the current circumstances. People now a days are more relying on technology. A person sitting at home can order food, medicine, book, cloths with the use of online shopping. The universe will in future have more dangerous environmental changes. Today, we were asked to slip on the masks on our faces, tomorrow there will be something else that we can’t imagine. In such terms, technology comes in handy, as it helps us to reach every corner of the world. There are many people out there, who lost their jobs due to pandemic and stepped on to digital marketing for bread and butter. Even though the process is slow, but in countries like USA and UK with fastest growing and changing technology nothing is possible. Digital Marketing & Pandemic: Before and after of the US and UK Market is just a short article to give an idea what possible benefits are there on the Internet of things to change your lifestyle. Frankly speaking there are more unsaid positive side of the digital marketing in 2022. There is going to be one day, where everything will be shifted on internet, and we now more have to shuffle between the bunch of papers.

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