Digital Media And PPC: The Future Of The Employment?

Digital Media
The world not only focused on manual work, but now involved in digitalization, which can change the life of any individual or help companies stand out from the competitors.

Digital Media And PPC: The Future Of The Employment?

We have never imagined that, structure of the corporate work or even the household will be swapped the technology! There’s not a single thing without any machines around. The world has long ago  leaped into the digital technology resulting into drastic changes to improve the human life. Digital technology is not only useful for enormous corporations but also has come to the rescue for many unemployed persons out there. This blog, Digital Media and PPC ;the future of the employment ? will assist you in providing insights about the unseen side of the digital media and PPC.

What is digital media?

Digital media refers to the media which has its existence on the internet. This could be anything that can store user data, create avatars, transfer file electronically using cloud technology. There are many small aspects of the digital media involved in daily routine. For e.g. The social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and much more.. Since YouTube launched its website few years ago, it created an opportunity for digital creators to earn extra income other than their regular income. There are many people who have reached worldwide therefore, having huge amount of watch hours and subscribers making them full time Youtubers. For example, a rider named Nikhil Sharma, started posting vlogs on YouTube as Nikhil Mumbaikar few years ago being a public figure, now is a full time youtuber. It is not only YouTube who pays decent amount but also Instagram and Facebook are included.

What is PPC (pay per click)?

On the other hand, PPC or Pay per click can be referred as the amount paid by the advertising company when their advertisements are clicked on by users. This kind of strategy helps the advertisers to save money rather than investing heavy amounts of advertising charges. Take a note that, PPC rates differ per country. Following chart will help you know the PPC rates offered by the famous social media like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

A) Youtube

Digital media

According to the study conducted by The SR zone, above table shows top 10 countries with highest PPC rates. The amount is paid by the advertising company per 1000 views.

B) Instagram

Digital Media

According to the Akvile DeFazio from Wordstream, Instagram offers the following PPC rates by placement.

C) Facebook

Digital media

Just like two other social media, facebook also offers PPCrates which differs from country to country. AdEspresso’s study shows the following PPC rates offered for the each country.

As seen above, the PPC rates changes according to the country. In order to save maximum on advertising and reach more audience following strategy can applied.

1) know your exact audience rather than random advertisements

2) To earn more than the rates paid for the advertisements, use google keywords planner as to reach more audience.

3) Publish limited advertisements with more promotions

4)increase the brand awareness by running Ad campaigns

5) do in-depth study of spending on advertising and draw proper strategies


This blog Digital Media and PPC ;the future of the employment, conveys two side of digital world. One is being paid for this content and on contrary another one is paying for his content. But, even the PPC is low for some countries it give a vast reach to global audience, where offline media can’t reach. Digital media is definitely providing a source of income opportunities worldwide.  We all know Khaby lame, who lost his job during the pandemic period, but is now an owner of millions with mere funny and logical videos he has posted on social media. Khaby Lame is just an example out of many people out there. To become a digital, one does not need any special talent, only the important thing which will help you earn is engagement with your audience and global reach. Once people start loving your content, they are the ones help you earn more.
Even if you are running a business providing product/services who are required to pay these social media to advertise your business. In return you will be able to earn income. So? What is stopping you from being a digital creator using digital media?

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