Why keyword frequency matters in every content?

keyword frequency
Are looking forward to publishing your content online but just basic knowledge? You must know keyword but on what basis should it be used? We have made a note to Why keyword frequency matters in every content?

Why keyword frequency matters in every content?

Moving from traditional marketing to digital marketing is complicated yet approachable. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing has many unspoken analytics which helps a company to increase the brand awareness. The most important of all is content marketing, which can be seen in blog and article writing. But a secret remains in keyword frequency. Do you know why keyword frequency matters in every content?

What is keyword and its frequency?

Keyword is an important word, which has been searched by majority of the people while on the internet. When majority of the people searches for the exact same word, then the important of that particular word increases. The word receives a higher bid. When it comes to SEO practices, those rules say that, using the keyword 0.5% times for 1,000-word article is helpful in terms of getting the application noticed by people around the world, as it increases the rank of the page. Let’s take an example here. I am looking for a course in online marketing and therefore I type “digital marketing courses online” on a search engine. The whole word digital marketing courses online is counted as a keyword. But focus keyword would be digital marketing courses.

Why it is important to measure keyword frequency?

Adding keywords with appropriate frequency will help the article in case of better ranking. Keyword frequency determines the onsite performance of the article on landing pages. If keyword frequency is disturbed, then it becomes difficult to rank the page among all the competitors. Moreover, just to increase keyword frequency does not mean that it should be crammed with any sentence which at the end gives no meaning. Therefore, to become a top brand, using social media is not the only option but also content writing is a supplement to push the company towards number one.


On the front side digital marketing is easy, but on the backend, there are many SEO warriors who are working day and night to increase the ranking. Of course, ranking is not a one day thing, after a lot of algorithms and analytics followed, the company shall see the results. There are many digital marketers and SEO analytics who are working together to increase the brand awareness. One thing is also true that without SEO, digital marketing and SEO without digital marketing is nothing.

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