What are listed LinkedIn’s top 10 in demand skills?

LinkedIn’s top 10
I work in IT and earn a handsome salary! Well, this is not just in case of IT today. This blog represents to what are listed LinkedIn’s top 10 in demand skills. Take a look and it might help you to change your career!

What are listed LinkedIn’s top 10 in demand skills?

Unlike the older times, when it was easy to get a job, now a days there’s a rat race, even in the interviews. There are many people who are multitalented. They can be double graduate with no talent and a person with no graduation at all but presents himself with talent! Real life experiences teach us how to tackle corporate problems. Does this refer to the question What are listed LinkedIn’s top 10 in demand skills?

What is in demand skills?

As above stated, requirements for the job vary, but suitable person is hard to find. Likely, for that person, appropriate job opportunity is also difficult to find. Few years ago, when IT was in boom, and everyone was graduating from IT industry, today it is not so. LinkedIn is world’s top employment-oriented e-media which helps companies to find employees and help prospective employees to find employers. Today, other than Information technology, there are 10 more skills required by the companies for employment. This is what called demand skills. Because they have more demand than anything else. Having a degree or knowledge in demand skills, can earn you a a high paid job and better position with work-life balance satisfaction.

What are listed LinkedIn’s top 10 in demand skills?

If you have an experience or degree in these 20 in demand skills grab a job opportunity right away!

1.Digital Marketing

2.Sales and Marketing

3.Social Media management

4.Financial Analysis



7.Customer service


9.Strategy planning

10. SQL

Above in demand skills are not ranked wise but are equally important for each company. After the pandemic, technology and digital marketing stood on their grounds to help the companies come back from the pandemic phase. If we consider Digital Marketing, an average digital marketer can earn up to, $58,586 in a year. Isn’t this a good start to your career? Well, today, even if you have any degree irrelevant to your dream job, you can take up an online course and earn the certificate.


Today, you are benefitted only when you have a in demand skill. It does not mean that, LinkedIn’s list is considered final. There could be many other companies who provide such report. Even government’s website lists recent update on such things! Few days ago, marketing was not a career option, today it is a career opportunity. Knowledge never goes to waste! What today is not trending will trend tomorrow.

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