What is long form content turned into supplementary content?

long form content
Don’t you get bored when reading the lengthy articles? Well, there’s a way to increase the engagement in the post, do you know What is long form content turned into supplementary content? This might help you to become a better digital marketer.

What is long form content turned into supplementary content?

Content writers are typically expected to write more than 3,000 words per day to increase the visibility of the company’s page. According to the research, competition in the market automatically increased the number of written words for daily blogs or articles. People just keep writing writing and writing. But on this point, writing long form content is really necessary when there’s no involvement of audience in the content? Let’s understand what is long form content turned into supplementary content?

What is long form content and supplementary content?

Long form content:

Content is any article, e-book, white papers, case studies and many more things which are written from 1000 words to 9,000 words. Most of the times, such long form content is published on educational websites where on the other side, companies prefer short content with maximum information pinned to it. This part is always necessary to rank websites using specific keywords.

Supplementary content:

Read can be referred as content which is not important for user but has special place for UI. They can make the reader interact with the written content. Like any call for action buttons. Such supplementary content  can be attractive to eyes and therefore increases the importance of long form content.

Top 4 ways to turn long form content into supplementary content

1. Infographics

These are the perfect way to implement the long form content into supplementary read. Infographics can be in the form of brochures, pamphlets or simple advertisement on website, all of these on the website page. Rather than typing bunch of useless words just to complete the word limit, use infographics by adding little information and some graphics so that audience will get attracted towards it.

2. Linking social media posts

Embedding any kind of social media posts with the written content, makes it more attractive to read. Human eyes are made in a way to find initially what attractive things the page has before reading the main content. This way, your social media account will also get tagged in and it may also increase the followers.

3. Call to action button

Buttons in between the long form content also increases the engagement in the post. For example, if you have written a lengthy article with necessary information, you simple put a part of the important stuff on the main page then add a call to action button asking the reader to move on to next page. More over writing it in a creative way the person will definitely click on the call to action button and read further more.

4. Improve sidebars

Sidebars on the website increase the visibility of the other content on the web page. Such sidebars can include any link to social media, or a direct navigation to most read article or anything important which you think might increase the awareness in the mind of the customers. 


Publishing written articles on website is easy but engaging the audience is difficult. Just by one nice post you have to satisfy the reader, which is in reality not possible because there are billions of people over the world having different mindsets. To beat the structure only way is to be creative and attractive. Supplementary content is always better than long form content.

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