Making Job Ads More Relevant

Job Ads
Job ads are a good way to get the best talent for your company. However, not all job ads are created equal. Follow these tips for creating job ads that stand out.

Making Job Ads More Relevant

A blog that summarizes the best ways to post job ads on various digital platforms and websites.

Every function has a common topic of jobs and hiring practices. There is also a discussion on the effects of covid on the job market. Zoom calls replaced face-to-face interviews, and remote work replaced office work. Candidates are looking for a job that provides flexibility, safety, and financial stability. Thus, they search online portals, social networking sites, and print media for jobs ads.

Covid-19 has forced the business and candidates to reflect upon work culture. While many companies shut down, others continued their work on the remote. With the offices planning to reopen, there is still the case of uncertainty caused by covid. But every cloud has a silver lining. So, there are still positive opportunities coming on your way.

Who are applicants for Job Ads? 

Do you want to know what good news is? 

  • It is decreasing the unemployment rate.

So you are an aspirant looking for a job, then Great! There are pools of vacancies listed on digital and print media. You can network with top-level executives and resolve your query via the internet. No other year or a decade had such freedom. 

And employers, are you looking for the right candidate? 

Then, this golden time. If you think aspirants are not looking for work, my friend, you are living under a rock. Employed professionals are passively looking for a switch for work-life balance. Whereas aspirants too are looking for a job to upgrade their skills. 

If you are not receiving a suitable candidate in your job advertisement, then the problem lies in your job advt., not the market situation or candidate. It’s time to rework your job advt. 

Are you confused about how to slay the game of attracting suitable job applicants? 

Then fret not! 

In today’s blog, we will explore some of the best practices that enhance your job ads’ target reach. Plus, deliver outstanding talents.

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Here are a few key points to make your job ads stand out.

Quality description:

Long gone is the time, where you need to write an essay describing the vacant position in your company. It is less appealing and lengthy. Let us look at a few points to enhance your description, shall we?

  1.  Be different
    Try not to go by the usual road of collecting information and just uploading. You need to proofread your content. Put your content through grammar and spellcheck. Understand that even candidates are time-bound, hence keep the description brief and readable. If the content you posted is sloppy, rushed; then you may lose a potential candidate or gain a candidate who is not suitable for the job. 
  2. Tone of your content
    Draft your content tone according to the candidate you want to hire. Whether the applicant is a college student with part-time work, a pass out, or has to experience. Each candidate’s language tone differs from one another. Similarly, each position has a different tone. You can’t use technical language for a non-technical job. You might even demotivate candidates by your content. So, handle with care.
  3. Keep it conversational
    Draft content in such a way that speaks with your potential client directly. How about writing about your company culture and also do not forget to add benefits of working with you. Give your candidates a glimpse of life at work. While writing your description, keep the applicant’s POV in mind. Make them envision their life at your company with engaging content.
  4. Separate Requirement and responsibilities
    Avoid incomprehensible jargon. A long list of content will discourage your candidate from applying to the position. To avoid this, use bullet points effectively to highlight the primary objectives. Separate the skills required and job responsibility. It is also necessary to understand that skills develop over time, and a candidate obtained.
  5. Attract attention with a simple and engaging job title
    Candidates receive bulk emails every day. Each company strives to attract an excellent candidate who resolves the problem. And, in this digital age, applicants first check the mobile notification before opening the email app. 

Draft an engaging job title that immediately grabs users’ attention. You may use quirky names like digital guru or ninja developer. But these are not the terms searched by applicants on the search engine. So, plan your ads titles carefully.

Job Ads optimization

Now that you have drafted an engaging and CTA content, the next step is job advt set up and optimization. And this is a crucial step, as it is a game-changer. 

  1. Search engine friendly: Good researched set of keywords delivers a vast reach. Make sure that job advt. is optimized to the guidelines of websites, platforms, social networks, or job boards where you post. 
  2. Attractive title: As discussed above, an attractive title captures the user’s attention. And by A/B testing your ads. You will understand why ads strategy will deliver optimum output to your job ad.
  3. Location: Understand where applicants look for a job. Whether they are looking for a specific location, for instance, near their neighborhood, or want remote work. Hence, Optimize your ads with SEO that targets specific areas.

Some FAQ:

1) Are job ads on social media free?

– If your social media managers focus on organic content like creative posts and stories, then yes, it’s free. And, if you are using promotional features of the network, then it’s paid. You can see it just above your post.

2) Where to find Job Ads?

– Each network has a business feature on its platform. Whether it’s Google, YouTube, Meta, or even Twitter, all have analytics and CTA buttons. On LinkedIn, you can directly create a Job Post for free. 

3) Where to place job ads?

– You have different options for ads like search, display, conversion, etc. It is below the search bar, the web page, apps. It solely depends on the candidates you want to hire. Their behavior, interests influence the decision.

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