Mistakes That Should Be Avoided In Email Marketing

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have or what industry you’re in; everyone needs to incorporate email campaigns into their marketing strategy.

Mistakes That Should Be Avoided In Email Marketing

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have or what industry you’re in; everyone needs to incorporate email campaigns into their marketing strategy. Email is one of the most powerful marketing channels a firm can employ. Not only does email marketing often offer the highest ROI, but it also allows to scale the presence in a personal way by creating a one to one connection with large email lists. It’s a direct line of communication with prospects that can enforce them into becoming clients over time. 

Today’s marketers are in a whole new world, as technology allows us to gather fresh leads online while also improving customer retention. However, poorly designed email campaigns damage reputations and send pitches straight to the spam folder. Without even realizing it, you might be making mistakes that are holding you back. 

A list of mistakes that businesses commonly make when creating and executing email marketing campaigns are:

No Optimization For Mobile 

As consumers continue to use smartphones to open emails, it’s vital that your business considers mobile optimization when emailing customers. More than 40% of mobile users check their email four or more times per day, which means that having a mobile-friendly email design is not a “nice to have” thing. It’s a requirement and yet, 1 in 5 email campaigns is not optimized for mobile devices. The best emails give customers a great experience both on mobile and desktop. It might take a few extra minutes to perfect your email’s format, but it’s worth the effort to ensure your emails are optimized for mobile. 

Subject Lines Are Not Being Attractive 

We all receive a ton of email. As a result, many readers simply scan each email subject line for mere microseconds before performing a mass delete of unwanted sales pitches. Getting an email recipient to open your email is the first step to successful email campaigns. The average open rate for emails across all the industries analyzed was 20.81%. It’s hard to get consumers to open emails, and bad subject lines can destroy any chances of boosting open rate. For optimal engagement, writing short subject lines that are clear and engaging. This can be easier said than done, but following the general rule of keeping subject lines under 60 characters can help you stand out in someone’s inbox. 

Not Personalizing the e-Mail

In older times people used to receive monthly mail from the company in the form of a magazine. Which used to look personalized, but because of digitalization people don’t get the feeling of personal attachment with the company. That’s why it’s very important to be personalized in mails. The best emails engage with the audience. To best engage with the audience, it’s important to create personalized messages. Personalized can mean anything from segmented email campaigns to including a recipient’s name in the subject line.  It’s one of the main drivers to a successful email marketing campaign. Personalized emails have about 26% higher open rates, and over 14% click-through rates when compared to other, non-personalized emails.


Just because someone subscribed to the email list, it doesn’t give the right to bombard them with messages all day. The average person who works in an office receives 121 emails per day. That’s more than 44,000 emails each year. On this information, sending many emails too frequently is one of the major email marketing mistakes that turn off the readers and could increase unsubscribe rates. If that isn’t enough, sending emails too often might trigger spam blockers, ruining the chances of connecting with the reader. A weekly, monthly or bi-monthly schedule works amazingly well. They should be happy when they get a message from you and do not feel annoyed. Remember, they signed up to get messages from your website, so they obviously have some interest in your content.

Not Being Consistent

If a business has a digital front and they don’t stay consistent with their content it will always be bad for them. Taking a bit of time to plan isn’t just a part of a good content marketing strategy, it’s also key to making sure your email campaigns stay on track as well. Focusing on your email marketing list. Clients may not be ready to purchase anything right away, but with consistent marketing, they’re much more likely to make a purchase in the future.  

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is still alive and thriving. Everyone needs to make this a priority. But some people are doing email marketing wrong. Mail marketing is still the most preferred communication channel for customers and is a strategy that will always outperform all other marketing channels. Avoid the mistakes and make email marketing your most successful channel.

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