How To Perform A SEO Audit?

SEO audit
Universe has rolled into the blanket of Digital marketing, and it offers more competitive strategies than that of traditional marketing. Thus, to stand above the crowd it is necessary to know how to perform a SEO audit on regular level.

How To Perform A SEO Audit?

Everyone publishing their websites, blogs, articles or any kind of informative electronically saved information, desires to be ranked first. For example, an article about How to perform a SEO audit is written and published recently worldwide. But as the traffic towards the more earlier published article is, therefore they are ranked on the first number of landing page. Therefore, in order to be on top of competitors with the exactly same title,  we need to preform SEO audit on regular basis.

How to perform a SEO audit?

There are plenty of auditing tools which support SEO audit. In the world of digital marketing it is necessary to properly utilize marketing tools, to rank above the competitors. This results into increase in sales, company awareness and worldwide reach. Following are the tools by which a SEO audit can be initiated.

Google Page speed Insights (PSI)

This type of tools examines the performance of a website/page on mobile and desktop in order to suggest improvisations. It uses lab and field data about the particular page.

Google search console tool

This tool helps to perform a SEO audit by analysing the performance of the website while opening the landing page of a search engine.

Google analytics tool

This is a tool with analytical and statistical website aided to calculations in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing related activities.

Google Markup testing tool

This is a widely used tool offered by the Google as it allows, additions of videos or images on the live website so that the website can be attracted by more clicks from all over the world.

Semrush Site tool

As Google is providing all the marketing tools,  Semrush site is also providing similar tools to perform a SEO audit. This includes Keyword research, Competitive research, PR content marketing, Marketing insights, Campaign management, SEO , SMM and PPC.

Top 5 Benefits of performing SEO audit

1. Improvised content

SEO audit analyses the quality of the written content, therefore it gives a advantage over the competitors to enhance the standard of the written item.

2. Competitors analysis

Once audit is performed, it gives an insight into what position are competitors. Whether they rank higher or lower, the average daily traffic towards their website, the weightage of their content and much more things. The competitors analysis can also improvise the quality of our content.

3. Analyses quality keyword

When it comes to ranking the website, it is necessary to find the exact word which people are looking for, and include it in the blog or article we are publishing. Generally, people will click on the link which ever appears on the first. This is only possible when appropriate keyword with proper format is used.

4.Increases website traffic

Ranking of the websites, increases the visibility, thus numbers of the clicks on the website/page are increased leading into more sell, awareness and brand awareness.

5.Increases overall performance

When the audience from all over the world is attracted to one and only website/page on the first rank after landing on a search engine, is more likely to go through the whole written page/blog, when quality material is offered. If they get the information they need, they will also look out for another necessary things on your website. Meanwhile, with unique marketing strategy, a person is attracted to buying the products/service you are offering, they will definitely purchase it. Once the customer is satisfied, he is coming go come back looking for the same website. The overall drawn strategies are going to affect competitors image, and you will have a chance to stand above the crowd.

Few years ago, there was nothing but a mere offline method of publishing and advertising, where your competitors were limited to local shop keepers and businessmen. But now time has changed, it is not only you can the local market, but also the businesses on the international levels. Ranking the website is a part of this competition which can be called as You vs You. Thus, keep an eye on the competitors using SEO audit.

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