Possibilities Of Internet Of Things

IoT is one of the biggest things to happen in the technology industry in a long time. Here's what you need to know to get started.

Possibilities Of Internet Of Things

What are the possibilities with the Internet of Things? How will this change our lives?

The future of technologies is Internet of Things.

What is the Internet of ALL Things (IoT)?

‘Alexa, Search IOT!

Searching for IOT…..’

Want to know how Alexa works, then keep reading because in today’s blog we will explore what is IoT and why IoT has become a hot topic in the technological market.

Kevin Ashton coined the Internet of all things in 1999 to draw attention towards the emerging field RFID. IoT is described as a network of devices that are embedded with softwares, sensors, and technologies, and transfer data via the internet without human intervention.

This means when you speak to Alexa, your voice is recorded on the device and is sent to Alexa Voice Service (AVS), a feature of AWS IoT core, generates the data according to your command.


When you speak to google with ‘Hello Google’, Google will search for your query and present you with the relevant answer for the query from its cloud database.

Ways in which we can use IoT in business and life.

IoT is a prominent part of digitalization, and we are surrounded by IoT devices. According to Harvard Business Review, there is an increase in the emergence of the human-centric category of IoT activity, and it’s less about automation and more about personal augmentation less about individual devices, and more about “living services” that let people program and connect smart devices however they want.

IoT in daily life

Security: IoT can be used as a means of security. Working parents can use home installed cameras to view activities inside and outside the house and ensure the safety of their while at work.

Smart Homes: IoT optimizes home devices, now just by clicking a button on mobile or by voice and all home appliances will be controlled at your command.

Enhanced experience: Home appliances can be customized with softwares, sensors, and technologies with help of IoT. You can change the environment, sound, light, and temperature of the room according to your choices.

Elderly care: IoT enables home appliances to help elderly people. IoT is equipped with sensors and technologies to monitor and ensure safety in case of medical emergencies

IoT in Business

Enhanced customer experience: IoT tracks customer purchase behavioral patterns. Businesses get insights into consumer preferences. IoT has introduced new technologies that enhance buyers’ experience with virtual payments with help of cloud data and sensors.

Reduced operational expenditure and downtime: With help of big data, enterprise asset management, supply chain management, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence; the organization can predict and prevent any shortcomings and delays in operations.

Asset tracking and waste reduction: IoT helps to track assets and waste management. IoT manages intricate structures of operations and supply chain by supervising, optimizing supply chains, and reduce human errors.  

Why do we need IoT?

Every device and person is connected to IoT. Prior to the digital age, all business functions are done manually and manual errors are expensive. IoT helps to reduce errors by sensors, softwares, and technologies that track the entire process and save time. Organizations use IoT to centralize various verticals and branches of the organization. With cloud storage, businesses can store and manage data in a single location.

The average person can benefit from IoT by connecting various devices to the internet with integrated devices and systems for seamless communication; YouTube can be streamed from TV. All home appliances can function with one touch or voice command. There is no need to visit the bank, as the account can be accessed virtually. Traffic can be averted through the use of GPS.

IoT makes day-to-day activities simpler and efficient.

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