Quantitative Market Research

Our quantitative research offerings include multi-mode quantitative data collection.

In addition to extensive education on Marketing Research our interviewers undergo extensive project specific training and mock interviewing sessions. The training is provided by our training staff, project managers and clients as well, as per the project requirements. The interviewers also undergo refresher training program during the project life cycle. An elaborate interviewer rating mechanism ensures that only those interviewers who have been performing consistently are given a chance to work on projects and those who can’t make the grades are removed from any future assignments.

Our Quantitative Data Collection Methodologies Include 

1 . CATI Data collection
2 . Online Data Collection
3 . CAPI / PAPI Face to Face Data collection
4 . Mystery Shopping

What Else We Do In Quantitative Research

“In addition to conducting end to end qualitative research we also provide stand-alone services such as”

1 . Development of Focus Group Recruitment screener questionnaires
2 . Development of Questionnaires
3 . Respondent recruitment for online surveys / CLTs
4 . Survey Audits – back checks for data collection done by any other agency
5 . Questionnaire Translation services
6 . Data Processing
7 . Analysis
8 . Reporting

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