Does twitter share button has direct access to WhatsApp?

Twitter share button
Did you notice the twitter has a new share button which is similar to WhatsApp! Don’t worry if people deny it they will change it. But now Does twitter share button has direct access to WhatsApp?

Does twitter share button has direct access to WhatsApp?

Twitter is an America’s communication-based company focused on micro blogging and social media. Few months ago, Twitter shared the news about Elon Musk acquiring the twitter. Since then, they have introduced a different technology on the twitter. Twitter having a same pattern since long finally rolling out the new share option for few people in India. But does twitter share button has direct access to WhatsApp?

Is twitter now connected to WhatsApp?

To be frank, they have just started rolling out his feature for few people in India. But this is just in a trail phase, and WhatsApp icon does not represent only a WhatsApp share. But it will have more options to share the updates of twitter.

Twitter share button

The news was shared by official account of twitter India. But many people are not considering this share button as a good option. People are coming up with funny replied opposing the update. The majority of unfavorable reply is more than favorable ones. Twitter further confirmed that, this update will be removed if it receives negative feedbacks. Updating the twitter share button was made to acknowledge technological change.


Since the technological updates going around the world, companies are running behind the continuous changes to make it look better. But adding merging each social account with another is the only option? Rather than changing of twitter share button to WhatsApp and compelling the user to connect their other social media accounts is not a better way of companies handling social media accounts. Afterall, privacy and the security is the primary thing which comes to the mind at all times.

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