What are different types of social media networks and their benefits?

Social media networks
We all know, different kinds of social media but do we know what are different types of social media networks and their benefits? Facebok, Instagram, YouTube are one of the most widely used media but under what category do they fall into?

What are different types of social media networks and their benefits?

Today we live in a world where total count of friends on Facebook or count of followers is necessary rather than real life friends. People now a days don’t prefer to socialize in real life but rather talk to strangers on social media networks for unlimited hours. As the social media evolved, it formed many different types. Today, we use all of them, but we just don’t know the type. Therefore, it blog is designed to help you know what are different types of social media networks and their benefits?

Different types of social media and their benefits

1. Blogging social media

Today, content writer, bloggers are spread all over the world. Blogging is not only related to writing something on heavy subjects. But a person could be a food blogger, travel blogger, health and fitness, photography blogger , lifestyle blogger and you name it. If you are unique you post the content and engage the audience. In order to post similar stuff on social media network, there are Blogger.com, Tumbler and Medium. The sites are designed only for blogging purposes and it is easy to publish the content you want to spread all over the world.

2. Social media focused to meet new people

This is the most famous social media network which mainly includes Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter. Of course, all of these have different mentioned purposes such as, Facebook to meet new people, LinkedIn to hire an employee or find a new job  or twitter to meet new people and share important news. Out of all, Facebook has earned a highest popularity in recent years. 

3. Discussion forums

Discussion forums belong to Quora, Reddit and Discord. On these social media sites people who needs answers for their questions gets answered. Or just simply post a question and start discussion. This can be counted for educational purpose.

4. Review media

Social media sites such as Trip advisor, Glassdoor, Google business profile comes under review social media networks. These are often aided to let users know a review about any company, service, institute or even restaurants. Reviews are done by general public; therefore, most of the time reviews are honest and up to the point.

5. Media shareable networks

YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram are the examples of social media networks which allow us to share videos and other kind of media which lets us earn money. These media is sharable to worldwide. Such people who have highest number of influencers are recognised as Digital creators.


Social media networks are evolving day by day. It is not only about meeting new people, but also sharing information and educating people. Technology is also getting involved in such networks. Traditional marketing and advertising has been replaced by the digital marketing giving easy access to the companies to launch their products on international level. These social media networks are useful for such digital marketing activities. Today the existing number of active social media users is in billions, in future it will increase more.

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