Understand The Background Of World Expo Now

Dubai is looking ahead to 2020 and what better way to do it than hosting a world expo? Learn more about the history of the world expo.

Understand The Background Of World Expo Now

If you are wondering whats the Dubai expo 2020 buzz is about then keep reading as in today’s blog we’ll take an overview of the World expo before leading on to Dubai Expo 2020.

An expo or a trade show is an event where companies, organizations, and governments meet to share ideas, launch products, conduct conferences about current situations, study rival activities, meet customers, and discuss strategies to counter the scenarios that are faced by them.

The concept of expo commenced in Europe during the medieval age; the champagne fair during the market capitalism era and industrial innovations and mechanisms during the Industrial revolutions.

World expo history.

Some of the innovations and expo legacies.

The first expo was held in London in 1851, there the concept of expo became famous, and in 1928, the bureau international des expositions were formed to regulate these fairs.

Each country participating in the expo is given a theme with considerations to enhance human knowledge and also take into account the impact of social interactions, works, and highlights scientific-technological innovations, and economic and social progress. Expos are held 5 years.

In the expo, countries build a small miniature world to represent a given theme and rival other competitor countries to build the best pavilion.

Did you know that most innovations and structures are introduced during expos?

1962 - Seattle, Seattle needle theme building, Seattle world fair

1988 - Brisbane, Sky needle and Nepalese peace pagoda

2010- Shangai, China’s pavilion is now a china art museum

1970 - Osaka, Tower of sun, after restoration was reopened on 2018

Pavillions transported intact to overseas of World Expo:

  • Japanese towers of 1900 expo have been transported to Brussels
  • United Arab Emirates pavilion of 2010 has been transported to Abu Dhabi

Historical Innovations of World Expo:

  • Televisions: First live tv broadcast was conducted in New York fair 1939
  • Computers: First mechanical computers were on exhibit at the 1862 London International Exhibition on Industry and Art.
  • Telephone: The first demonstration of the telephone was conducted by Alexander Graham bell in 1876 at Philadelphia’s Centennial Exposition.
  • Dubai expo 2020, the first expo which is going to be held in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. The theme of this expo is ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’.

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