Different Ways To Attract Consumers Using Gated Content Marketing

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In today’s world, it is necessary to generate leads on daily basis as to run the business. Sometimes it is difficult to attract new customer, but following 7 Steps to Generate Leads With Gated Content with examples will help you understand the concept with ideas to generate leads.

Different Ways To Attract Consumers Using Gated Content Marketing

When the business is concerned is mainly depends on the sales and customers. The technique which is necessary to acquire continuous sale is crucial for the company. Everyday sales are increasing the profits of the company, leading into brand awareness and more quality service. Sales depend on the quality offered by the company therefore increasing into referrals. This is blog is aided to provide knowledge on  7 Steps to Generate Leads With Gated Content with examples.

What can be referred as gated content?

Let’s say, you are scrolling through any of the websites, and found some useful information which can be used to boost your company’s resources, therefore, you are trying to access the complete information, but the website is restraining from doing so. For e.g. Statica company, which provides statistical information to any kind of individual , whether he is a company or a student. At landing on their website, they initially ask you to provide your contact details even for the free content. The information is locked under the form, once you fill it, you are eligible for the free content or the paid content which ever you’ve subscribed.

Let’s understand 7 Steps to Generate Leads

1) Understand your market

Before creating any kind of gated content, you shall understand your customer’s need. No customer is going to purchase your product unless they are craved for the detailed information with a given piece of content with proper marketing techniques in proper market.

2)Use exact content

The information before and after the gated content shall match. The quality of the data should not be differed, this way will help to generate more leads.

3) Attractive website

In order to get attention of the buyer, your landing page of the website must be attractive with the use of some visuals.

4)Follow SEO guidelines

SEO guidelines states that, website on top of the search engine have more visitors than the preceding ones. Therefore, look out for the requirement of the keeping the company’s page on top. This is the way to generate leads efficiently.

5)Keep track of the prospective buyers

When a prospective buyer fills up the form, the company shall keep the track of such people in order to help them with their requirements.

6) Offer 24*7 service

When the company is offering worldwide services, there are chances that leads are generated at any time of the day or night. In order to give fastest customer service, it should be available 24*7.

7) Get in Touch with all types of social media

Customer contact shall not only with the help of telephone but also social media such as Instagram and Facebook where there are bunch of people with the same requirements can be found.

Examples of the gated content marketing

1) Statista

As stated earlier, Statista provides collections of statistical data useful for the study purpose. They have free and paid version but both versions are accessible upon filling up the contact form.

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2) Coursera.org

Knowing all your educational needs, Courseera is one of the top online education provider in the world. They have free as well as paid content.

3) Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime video is one of the largest OTT platform available worldwide. They also have few of the movies, web series on trial basis where after subscribing you will earn a full access.


Using different kinds of tricks to attract consumers is a must as the world is not leaped into the cut throat competition. Making available all the information would never generate leads, as it is important to fizzle with the minds of the customers. Today big companies are supporting gated content marketing as traditional way of generating leads has gone below the levels and with the use of those methods, it is tough to stand above the competition.

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