Is WordPress Facing  Security Vulnerability 6.02 Problem?

Security Vulnerability
When there is technology, there is virus. Currently trending Is WordPress facing Security Vulnerability 6.02 problem has awaken the cyber security people to look deep in the matter.

Is WordPress Facing  Security Vulnerability 6.02 Problem?

Future of Metaverse and Virtual reality

Technology is providing worldwide access to the companies as well as the households. When we say, technology has improved everyone’s life, did we ever considered the dark side of the internet? There’s no software, website or any other IoT which is fully secured from Security Vulnerability. Today, we are doubting Is WordPress facing  Security Vulnerability 6.02 problem? Well, of course you can’t avoid some problems but you can fix them. There are certain cyber security steps to avoid such problems in future.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is useful in terms of content management as in writing and publishing the websites. It is offered as a free source so that, bloggers or content writers can write and update the articles. WordPress is extremely easy to use and can create different types of contents , such as Social networks, blogs, business websites, forums and many more things. More to this many features are free, but for some you need to purchase those in order to make use of it.

What is means to have security vulnerability update?

Security vulnerability is defect in the system because of which viruses enter the system and ruins the structure. Recently, WordPress faced the same problem as released security vulnerability 6.02 version. Many times, the reason behind is unknown, but if you know about cyber security you can solve such problems in no time. Security vulnerability damages the systems very badly, sometimes erase the whole data, or at times just doesn’t boot up.
In case of WordPress, current 6.02 security vulnerability defines as vulnerability of SQL injection where an unauthorised person can edit delete and post on the website without knowing anyone. WordPress company has assured everyone that, this shall pass soon and appropriate steps will be taken to repair the problem.

Measures to avoid viruses

There’s no time or date, when you know your system is going to be effected. Proper logical steps such as, not opening unauthorized website, not clicking on unknown web links, not sharing the password with any person. More to this, even if you know any person, don’t share any passwords or confidential information with him/her. Even, when you connect to public free WIFI’s they are more prone to security vulnerability.


When the universe is enjoying the IoT, the dark side is destroying them unknowingly. It is rightly said, that everything has two sides. When there’s a new invention it provides positive results. But it definitely faces problems at the backend. The more profitable a technological development is, the deeper and severe virus are. Thus, to be more on the safer side, follow cyber security’s rules to keep the data safe.

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