YouTube Marketing for your business

YouTube Marketing
YouTube marketing is a great way to promote your business and second largest search engine, and here's how you can take advantage of that.

YouTube Marketing for your business

A blog that discusses the best YouTube marketing ideas.

With the acknowledgment of Web 3.0, It is no secret that Creators Economy has boomed for over half-decade. And YouTube still being the pioneer in online streaming platforms. Thus, content creators still work on their YouTube Marketing strategies to upscale their channel.

However, In the current content market scenarios, many apps give tough competition to Youtube. Yet, the platform still thrived. How?

We will discuss it in today’s topic.

Before we explore the topic, here’s a small activity.

We have planned an exercise that will give a short snippet of change in the platform in years.


Here we go.

Consider yourself in the year 2010. Justine Bieber has released his new album, My world 2.0. Your friends are dancing to the tunes of the song, Baby, and after the song finishes; What next?

Do you get any recommendations? Then, which ones?

a) Justin’s new song/ story

b) Songs similar to the genre

c) Just for laughs

d) Some random users video

Have you recalled it?

We would like to hear your thoughts. Scroll down below and share your experience in the comments section below.

With Metaverse’s introduction, marketers are gearing up to change in the content market. With Ar and Vr, developers are planning to integrate the technology into the daily life of users. And also, search algorithm. Above all, the digital world is changing fast. From shopping, payments to the entertainment experience. There is no single activity that does not have an online substitute.

With Non-Fungible-Token (NFT), creatives have the liberty to create and sell their content. Also, provide a short glimpse to other users via various digital marketing channels, For instance, YouTube.

Here’s all you need to know on how YouTube is beneficial to your business. And tips for your subsequent digital marketing strategies.

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And there is one more,

BTS videos: With Behind the scenes videos, the audience gets a glimpse of the work carried. For instance, practice, Work between takes, people interaction, idealization, and much more. It provides a human connection between work and life.

 [YouTube Link – BTS]

Optimization for YouTube Marketing:

1) SEO Optimization:

Like Google, develop your YouTube videos to the search engine algorithms. It helps crawlers to identify your content to the users’ search terms.

a) Right keywords: Correct keywords are beneficial to index your user’s content search query.

b) Relevant title: Your title should depict the content provided to the users. If not, your users will feel betrayed in their expectations. Keep the characters limit between 50-55.

c) Thumbnail Teaser: You can customize your thumbnail from your video clips. It should provide some curiosity like value users will get or a cliffhanger. Avoid click-baiting. Your thumbnail should give direction to the vital point and have a logo. Image size should be 1280 x 720 px.

d) Description:  Only 2-3 line of description is visible from the search page. To read more, users will have to expand the description box. Consider adding video links, Call to action, Video transcripts, Summary of videos in description. And also other content platform links.

e) Video Tags: Along with keywords research also, research relevant tags. It helps in SEO.

f) Timestamp: Time stamping your videos allows the users to land on engaging topics. The users have the liberty to view content they are interested in viewing.

g) Subtitles and Closed captions: It helps you highlight key topics. And also help search engines to pick up relevant topics. It communicates what the video is about to the audience.

h) Playlist: Playlist helps you to categorize your content. It also aids your users to select the content they are interested in your channel.

i) Intro and outro: consider adding an interesting intro and outro which is engaging. Give some glimpse about your channel without giving any content. Make your outro captivating by adding a few cliffhangers or credits to people involved in production. You can also credit the audience who invested in your video production.

2) Collaboration with other users:

You can expand your audience and niche. As the creators already have a loyal audience, you can introduce your creativity. If they like it, then you’ll new set of audiences. Hence, it will boost your creativity and boundaries.

3) Cross-promote your videos:

You can cross-promote your videos on various social network channels. You can give a short snippet of your videos on Instagram and Snapchat and divert them to your channel. Additionally, Instagram has reels, Stories, igtv where a short YouTube video is shared. It creates curiosity, and users tap into the link provided in the Bio, description, or video. It helps you to increase your reach.

4) Audience Interaction:

You can reply to your audience in the YouTube comments section. With the YouTube community, you can conduct Q&A, audience polls, and also post updates. Now the audience can also engage with you while you are streaming live. Also, you can Pin comments that you like to highlight.

5) Post consistently:

Create a schedule for the topics and the time you will post those topics. Value your audience with time to time posting and regularly updating them. It also gives them time to complete their work and view your content without interruption.

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