How can content creation help our business?

Content Creation
Before we start content creation for business, there are few things you need to know. Plagiarism is a problem, and it can get into trouble

How Can Content Creation Help Our Business?

In this fast pace life, where people juggle between jobs, classes or Work from home; for moment of distraction they log on to internet and enter the world of tremendous possibilities and entertainment. Internet is completely a different universe where there’s online classes, meetings, movies, games; anything which one can imagine in real world can be found on virtual world. Any videos, blogs, movies, games that the user consumes comes under content creation.

On internet people are bombarded with trends, reels or advertisements, for example, what’s the first thing that comes into mind for CRED advt.? – Our cricket Legend, Rahul Dravid in road rage when stuck in traffic jam with hilarious line – ‘Indira Nagar ka gunda hun mai’ or relatable BuzzFeed content suggested to you by google based on your interest.

So what’s the big deal of Content? And why is it so essential in today’s digital world?  And what is Content Creation?

We will discuss in detail what is Content Creation, Tools and strategies required and also importance of originality in Content Creation.

Content Creation

Content is an information that a captivates the daily internet user; and such data is composed in form of blogs, videos, reels, flyers, posts and much more; which is not only simple and precise, relatable, attractive but also a clue to all the queries a can have.

In digital world, Content plays a vital role in connecting an organization with their end users. It necessary for corporations to design the content to according to users demand, experience and interests. Content has ability to attract new customers and generate loyal customers. Content creation is basically a content composed and delivered to the users, keeping in mind their wants and needs and queries.

Types of content



They are web journal focused on creating relevant content for customers. Blogs makes companies web page more visible with informative and solution based content and also drives traffic to company’s website. The purpose of blogs is to help to convert a user into a potential customer. Blogs include

Info graphics: Info graphics are visual representation of the content. Info Graphics are short, simple, appealing and saves time. It gives glimpse of what a company’s content in a brief time.

Case Studies: Case studies are break downs of the process a business helps customers achieve their desired results. It creates a trust in minds of customers in solution based approach of the business, backed by data and facts. Case studies gives sense of clarity and assurance in minds of customers that they can approach you with their problems.

Social Media Post:

Content is used to engage and interact with the audience to create awareness among audiences. With social media business can Cross promote, Host a challenge or a contest, go live, tag, create polls, and create product launch virtual events and many more.

Plagiarism in Content Creation

Many websites are shadow banned by various digital channels, as the content is either copied or misrepresented as original content without knowledge of original source. On basic term, Plagiarism is content theft, wrong representation of source of content. Plagiarism is a major problem faces by majority of companies.  Hence companies should ensure content is original.

Content Creation Strategies

Content Strategies are systematic course actions that company’s takes to achieve their Objectives and Goals from means of content. The company conducts market research and based on that works on Digital Marketing, Content Syndication, Lead Generation, and Demand Generation.

Digital Marketing:

As name suggests is marketing of the company’s products and services on digital world. The company and market and reach maximum potential customers by help of various tools like Search engine optimization (SEO), Pay per click (PPC), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content marketing.

Content Syndication:

It is cross posting of content on various digital channels of websites and social media. Various Blog post, Info graphics, Articles, Social media posts and videos are cross posted on different digital channels and they receive the relevant content to their product or service.

Lead Generation:

It is the process of identifying, attracting potential customers to business.  Lead generation is achieved by Paid advt., Social media marketing, email marketing, Downloadable content which creates awareness about product, service or potential offer by the business in the minds of customers.

Demand Generation:

It is not only to create awareness of company’s product of services but also is superset of range of marketing activities including techniques like generating leads for the corporate, capturing and guiding existing markets towards your products and services.


Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is pivotal tool to drive organic and paid traffic to company’s website with search results with help of key words, technical Optimization, on page optimization and off page optimization.

Search Engine Marketing; SEM:

 When a customer types a product name, a page opens with various websites that match key words of their product name. Most relevant website matching the search is at the top. Companies can use this tool to increase visibility and relevance of the website for maximum reach to the business’s potential customers.

Pay per click:

Pay per click is a model where a business pays a publisher every time an advertisement link is ‘clicked’ on.  For example, when customers search the product, they will start to see advertisements relevant to the product search on the website page as well as other social media channels. Companies uses this tool to create awareness of product as and when product is searched on web.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

In Offline business, one often notices many window shoppers who are basically people who watch products displayed in shops without intent to buy anything, same is the case in Online shopping. To avoid that, businesses can use Conversion Rate Optimization to increase the percentage of users who will perform desired call to action on the website.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media is used to engage and interact with the audience to create awareness, a persona and trend among audiences. With social media business can Cross promote, Host a challenge or a contest, go live, tag, create polls, and create product launch virtual events and many more.

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