Significance Of Email Marketing in 2021

Significance Of Email Marketing in 2021

Email marketing is a great way to reach a wide audience. Personalized emails are a great way to stay in touch with clients.

Significance Of Email Marketing in 2021

If you think social media marketing is in and email marketings are as good as dead, then guys that’s far from true.

90 percent of website users require an email id for opening accounts on a website or any social media and this is the oldest form of digital marketing.

Hubspot observed that:

  • According to Content Marketing Institute, 81 percent of B2B has accepted that email newsletters are the most utilized form of content marketing, and 31 percent of users agree that it is the best option to nurture the leads
  • For 90 percent of content marketers, email marketing is used to track to measure content performance.
  • According to Super Office, on average, B2B companies send one email campaign every 25 days.
  • 89% of all B2B email campaigns are sent from a corporation name.

Successful email marketing is necessary to pitch the product to potential customers, proper research is conducted to understand the customer’s digital experience. It guides the digital marketer to strategize a plan which is according to the latest search, the potential customer’s requirements are nurtured with help of customized email, which gives a piece of comprehensive information about a product or a service to the potential lead by the digital marketeer.

To understand the significance of email marketing, we will first focus on what is an email


Email is an electronic mail that is used to share messages between two or more electronic devices. The email was invented in 1960 and in 1971, Ray Tomlinson introduced network emailing. Files, documents, PPT, PDF, videos are attached and shared.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a type of marketing where a commercial message is shared with an individual or group of people by email. An advertisement or a promotional email is one of the strategies this. The primary motive is to create brand awareness and to cultivate customer loyalty, and acquiring new leads.

  • In this, Transactional emails are sent when customers interact with the website to collect some information. An informative email regarding the customer’s enquiry is sent to the customer like password change, confirmation mail, order status.                                                                         And
  • Direct mails are promotional mails of the product and services that are tailored according to the interest of the lead with the sole objective to convert a user into a customer.

Importance of email marketing

  • Cost-effective: Email marketing is the low-cost organic way to connect with your audience. With the database of your client, a well-crafted email will effectively create curiosity in customer’s minds.
  • Mobile reach: With maximum app requiring email login credentials, 90% of mobile users have email app on their mobile and prefer to read on the go in their faced paced life. An effective, short, precise email will gain the attention of the users.
  • Interactive: Email can be drafted in an interactive format. An email has options of forms, videos, quizzes, flyers, creatives, documents, and pdfs which can marketeer can use to pitch their product or service to the user.
  • Own Database: with email, the marketeer has access to the relevant information of the user. In the email information on the user demographics is saved. With email marketing, you have unlimited access to the large organic email database.
  • Auto email process: With a range of software available in the digital market; the process can be methodological, consistent, tailored according to the user preferences, and programmed for the desired time.
  • Uncomplicated measurement: Results of email strategies are immediate. Email statistics are comprehensible to even a student and does not require any analytical software to read the statistics derived from bulk email.


Email marketing is a pivotal marketing strategy used by digital marketers. More than ninety percent of users use email. It is an organic way of digital marketing that is cost-effective, time-saving, interactive, and has the option of an automated emailing process.

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